Can you Cure PCOS?

Can you Cure PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is one of the most common conditions that can affect your fertility suffered by women in the developed world. The NHs estimates that as many one of five women have the condition, which is driven by an overproduction of insulin, leading to a long list of symptoms including weight gain (and therefore more insulin production), hirsutism, depress and anxiety, and perhaps most dramatically, the fertility effects the condition is known for.

If you’re diagnosed with PCOS, your first question is likely to be ‘is there a cure?’, and unfortunately the answer is no. There is no simple way to prevent PCOS affecting you, once its effects have taken hold. That’s not a reason to give up hope though. PCOS may not have a cure, but it’s a condition that you can manage, and making some changes to your lifestyle can have a dramatic effect on the symptoms, lessening their grip on your body until it’s almost imperceptible.

Fertility Effects

The main way PCOS affects your fertility is by making you ovulate infrequently, and irregularly. If you ovulate less, you simply have fewer opportunities to become pregnant and if you don’t have a regular cycle, then you can’t easily predict when your next opportunity to conceive will come, and can’t capitalise on it to give yourself the best chance of success.

You can learn how to ovulate with PCOS, and move the odds back in your favour, so you have more opportunities to get pregnant, and a better chance of knowing when each one will fall. There are several options for people with PCOS to encourage your body to ovulate more frequently. Drugs like Clomid manipulate your brain’s ability to detect hormone levels, so it keeps creating the ovulation stimulating hormones beyond its usual cut off. This can be effective, but also lead to side effects like severe mood swings that might make it less desirable as an option for you.

A more systemic approach, that can also affect other PCOS symptoms is to try and lose some of the weight that PCOS makes your body gain. This helps to control the insulin levels in your body, and reduce the impact of the condition as a whole. You can supplement exercise and a GI controlled diet with inositol supplements, that can help your body process insulin and promote regular menstrual cycles.

Predicting Your Ovulation Cycle

As you encourage your body to ovulate more, you need to be monitoring it for the signs of ovulation taking place. If you don’t know when you’re going to ovulate, you don’t know when you’re at your most fertile.

If you have PCOS the best way to monitor when you’re going to ovulate is to measure your Basal Body Temperature. This low, overnight body temperature is unaffected by hormonal changes and therefore very useful to people with a hormone driven condition like PCOS.

When you know when you’re due to ovulate, you can try to conceive during your ‘fertile window’ and you know you have the best chance of success.

A few different summer footwear options

A few different summer footwear options

When it comes to summer, the amount of clothes we wear is normally a lot less. This means that footwear during this season has a real ability to stand out. In this article we will look at a couple of the not so obvious options.

Firstly, slides footwear carry on being massively on the rise this year. They have gone from being relatively obscure, to being worn by everyone from Olympic athletes to Rhianna. Slides are a great addition to any summer wardrobe, offering the casualness and breathability of sandals or flip flops. While also being interchangeable with trainers for a night or day out. So, before you blow the dust off those flip flops you always find a bit of a nuisance to wear, consider expanding your wardrobe with some slides and give yourself a few more options.

If you’re a fan of boots during winter and can’t quite let go during summer. Then it can be worth checking out what’s on offer in terms of sandals, with many boot companies turning their talents to sandals. Doing so in such a way that the characteristic of a boot is still very much part of the footwear. If you still want to wear actual boots during summer, it can be worthwhile looking at soft leather options of boots. These types of boots can help with breathability during the hot summer months.

If you choose slides or sandals, then the next debate that can appear is whether these are acceptable to be worn with socks. Ultimately it comes down to you and your judgement on the matter. The only advice I would give on the situation is if you are going to wear socks with these types of footwear, make sure they are plane socks, simply one colour throughout. Otherwise, you lose the contrast between footwear and socks, and it all starts to look a bit messy.

These types of footwear are not always everyone’s cup of tea. It’s perfectly understandable if you want to stick with your comfy trainers and flip flops. Yet summer is often the time you can find yourself fighting with suitcase limitations when trying to go on holiday. When this occurs, slides can be a great alternative, due to the fact they can sub in for flip flops or trainers. Saving you space and weight, making sure you don’t get caught out by weight allowances at the airport.

Rides Not To Miss Out On At Universal Studios in 2019

Rides Not To Miss Out On At Universal Studios in 2019

Source: Unsplash | Pedro Velasco

If you are heading to Orlando this summer then Universal Studios will no doubt be one of the theme parks which you cannot wait to visit. This theme park is one of the most popular attractions in the USA, second only to the Disney World complex here in Orlando as well. What Universal does so well is its focus on all things relating to the silver screen, and its rides and attractions put you both behind and in front of the camera to live out your movie fantasies. Universal Studios tickets are best bought before you leave to ensure maximum availability and lowest prices, and once you get into the park here are the hottest rides which you need to try.

Hollywood Studio Tour

Rides come and go but this mainstay of the park is still one of the most popular rides which everyone loves. The Hollywood Studios tour takes you on a trip through some live movie sets such as those from Jaws, Psycho and Back to the Future. You’ll see the park through the eyes of the director as the explosive action takes place as you watch on from a tram, which will shake and move as you experience earthquakes, explosions and flash floods on the hour long journey.

Transformers: The Ride 3D

The Transformers movies were box offices smashes and the popularity of this franchise gave way to this amazing ride at Universal Studios. The ride uses a combination of flight simulation tech and 3D graphics to take you an a ride through the Transformers universe. The ride’s graphics and visual experience are outstanding and will convince you that you are right there with these incredible machines, a remarkable experience which you’ll not forget in a hurry.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Widely considered as the best ride in the park, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey immerses your right into the world of our favorite boy wizard and involves you in the journey of all journeys. The experience begins whilst you are waiting in the queue as you walk through the halls of Hogwarts School. Once you get to the ride itself you will be challenged with saving Harry and his friends as you shoot through their universe on a rollercoaster with some of the best visual graphics which you are likely to find in any park.

The Simpsons Ride

This is a must visit ride for anyone who enjoys the Simpsons and it will take you right into the heart of Springfield, complete with all of your favorite characters. The creators of this ride wanted to design an attraction which would make visitors feel like they were jumping into their TV set and that is exactly what they have achieved. Take a drink at the Drunken Clam, visit Kwik-E-Mart and visit the home of Homer and Marge on this adventure for all ages.

Which ride will you be rushing to see first?

How to live a clutter-free life

How to live a clutter-free life

Maybe you have seen clutter-free spaces on social media and magazine that seem impossible to achieve. The good news is that you do not need superhuman effort to eliminate clutter and free your space and live a comfortable life. You only need to commit to these basic principles.

As the Dubai real estate industry continues to flourish, most developers are getting involved in the off-plan property market. For instance, Meraas Holdings has several off plan projects in Dubai across the city such as Sur la Mer townhouses. Also, there are numerous apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah, which is one of the most sought after destination in Dubai.

But before you dream of moving into these new spacious properties, you should first start making your current property clutter-free:

Live within your means

If you are aiming to have a simpler and less cluttered life, you will have to start by living within your means. This means that the size of your space should dictate the items you need and not the other way around. Most people make the mistake of going the other way round and end up having extra items they do not need.

Purge as many times and possible

Even if you are disciplined enough to fit items into your space comfortably, stuff accumulate after some time. Once in a while, go through your things and get rid of the things you do not use anymore. If they are not defective, you can either sell or donate them. This way, you will feel lighter and less stressful.

Designate a place for everything

It is very important to designate a place for everything. Also, you should strive to maintain everything in its place. For an utmost minimalist look, avoid cluttering things on the floor, countertops or tables. If possible, keep items out of sight. For instance, you can designate a junk drawer to keep the small little things such as pens, tapes, etc.

Do not let clutter in

Perhaps the easiest way to live a clutter-free life is by making sure it does not happen. It is much easier for clutter to come in than to go out. The best way to prevent the accumulation of clutter is by avoiding it to come in. Try only to keep things that you need, not the things that you want.

Read letters regularly

Even though it is possible to reduce paper clutter, it is almost impossible to eliminate them. In order to prevent papers from piling up, deal with letters as soon as you can. Also, try to create a system to control the endless paper flow.

Duplex vs Penthouse: Which is better?

Duplex vs Penthouse: Which is better?

As real estate prices are going down, some people are buying homes as an investment option, hoping the value will appreciate. If you want to buy a home to live or invest, you should consider buying a penthouse or a duplex.

What is the difference between a duplex and a penthouse?

Essentially, a duplex is a building with separate living units which can be side-by-side to each other or separated by the ground and upper floor where each unit has its own entrance. On the other hand, a penthouse is a residential unit placed on the uppermost floor or floors of a building. Penthouses are differentiated from other types of residential units by luxury features.

Which is better between a duplex and a penthouse?

Advantages of owning a penthouse

  • Unobstructed Views

One of the most alluring features of a penthouse is the unhindered scenic views. Since most of them are placed in high-rise buildings, they cannot be obstructed by other buildings.

  • Quiet

Penthouses are placed high above the busy streets. So, residents are away from the traffic and other loud noises. Residents of penthouses live in a more peaceful environment.

  • Natural air

Other buildings do not obstruct penthouses. As a result, there is plenty of natural light that flood the property.

Drawbacks of a penthouse

  • Long way up

For those living in a penthouse, a lift is not a luxury but a requirement. Therefore, the lift must be functioning at all time in order to reach the unit. If the lift is not working, residents will have to climb the stairs.

Advantages of a duplex

  • Affordable

Compared to penthouses, duplexes are located in affordable neighbourhoods. If you cannot afford a penthouse unit, a duplex is an excellent option.

  • Earn income

In a duplex, you can live in one unit and rent out the other. This could be appealing if you took a loan or a mortgage to buy the house. The rent collected can be used to repay the mortgage or loan.

Drawbacks of a duplex

  • Getting the right tenant

It is very difficult to get the right tenant to rent out the other unit.  A wrong tenant can cause disputes or compromise your privacy.

If you are looking forward to buying a property in Dubai, you should consider Emaar off-plan projects in Dubai. Here, you will get a variety of property types at favourable prices and terms. Alternatively, you can also consider City walk apartments for sale in Dubai or the rich selection of apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai too.

Getting Your License to Drive a Motorcycle

Getting Your License to Drive a Motorcycle

With the warm weather quickly approaching, you may be itching to get outside more often. One of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather is by driving the roads on a motorcycle. Motorcycles offer you the freedom that you want while driving with the style and sophistication that you’re looking for. However, in order to operate a motorcycle, you need to sit for a special road exam and test. This ensures that you are knowledgeable enough to operate this vehicle and are safely driving on the road. Before sitting for the actual exam, it’d be nice to have a practice test for the Permit that has all of the questions you’d be asked when taking the test at your local DMV.

How to Get a Motorcycle License

In order to ride a motorcycle legally, you need to get a special license to operate this specific vehicle. You will need to sign up for an exam at your local DMV. In order to actually receive the license, you must pass this test. This proves that you are knowledgeable about driving a motorcycle and will be able to safely operate the vehicle. There are many study programs that you can utilize when you are looking to go for your motorcycle license. These help you to prepare for the actual test and know what to expect when you are going to be taking the exam. You will then be able to receive your new license and will be equipped and ready to take that bike out of the garage and go for a ride.

Taking a Practice Test Online

The issue that a lot of drivers have is that they don’t necessarily know what to look for when sitting for the exam. By taking a practice test on the Internet, you can become aware of the different questions that might be on the actual exam. These tests use real questions that the DMV will be using, giving you the chance to see what will be asked and how to go about answering the questions. These practice tests are important for when you need to sit for an examination and know that you are going to be getting a motorcycle license when and if you are able to pass. These tests are easy to take and can be taken right in the comfort of your living room.

Understanding What to Expect

Once you have done several online practice tests, you will be able to take the actual exam as provided to you by your local DMV. When you are able to pass, you will receive your new license and will be able to take that bike out of the garage for a test drive. By being able to take several tests online before sitting for the actual exam, you can be more prepared and will know what it is that you are able to experience when you are going to be receiving the license in question. This makes it easier than ever for you to get the license that you need and want without it becoming a problem and without you having to worry that you are going to be failing the exam. If you fail the exam, you may need to pay more money just to be able to sit for it again.

Driving in Style

Thanks to taking several online practice tests, you will be able to drive around on your new motorcycle and won’t need to worry that you are having to take exam after exam or not knowing what to expect when you go to your local DMV. By being able to prepare for the actual exam, you can feel confident in what is being given. This is the reason so many people have chosen this as an option and are noticing it to be quite helpful in what it is able to do for them.  These practice tests are easy to take and are convenient for when you want to practice for the exam without having to go to a local test center. So dust off your bike and get ready to ride!

Why Quality Meat is Important for the Keto Diet

Why Quality Meat is Important for the Keto Diet

If you follow dietary news — or just know anyone in the health and fitness community — there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the ketogenic diet. The keto diet is an exciting, scientific approach to general fitness, and people who have tried it swear by its efficacy as a way of losing weight in a rapid but healthy fashion.

Basically, the keto diet is a way of taking advantage of a basic fact about the human body: while we naturally burn carbohydrates and sugars as a primary energy source, if carbs are cut significantly, the body enters a state called ketosis in which it starts burning fat first. So long as you continue to keep your carb intake below a certain critical threshold (and increase your fat intake to compensate), you can stay in ketosis indefinitely.

This means that people on the keto diet often need to completely change what they are eating on a day-to-day basis. And because the keto diet runs on fat, many keto eaters compensate for their reduced carb intake by eating more fat-heavy meats, like steaks, ground beef, and sausages. This in turn can cause problems if the meat being consumed is low quality.

The Difference Between Clean and Dirty Keto

In the literature about keto, a distinction is often made between “clean” and “dirty” keto. A greasy hamburger with a slice of cheese on top of it is a keto meal, but it may not be particularly healthy in other ways, which is why cleaner ways of doing keto emphasize whole foods, plenty of vegetables, and sustainable meats.

Clean keto eaters tend to have more success in the long run, because dirty keto simply does not provide as much in the way of essential nutrients and vitamins. If you are considering giving the keto diet a try, therefore, you have to think about more than just the macronutrients: you also need to make sure you are eating balanced, healthy meals.

The Importance of Good Meat for Clean Keto

While the Keto diet emphasizes fat, protein also plays a major role, especially in controlling appetite and cravings. Because protein rich foods like beans and lentils also have a lot of carbs, most keto eaters will turn to meat to provide this macronutrient.

Good quality meats like grass fed steak are essential for clean keto, because they supply an abundance of iron, omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid and vitamin E. And because most farms that produce grass fed cattle have also embraced sustainable farming methods that produce healthier meat with a smaller carbon footprint, they provide nutrition that is cleaner for you and better for the world.

Fortunately, with the keto convenience of mail order steak it is easy to get high quality meat delivered straight to your door, which means that augmenting this aspect of your keto diet doesn’t have to come at the cost of time and energy spent shopping at specialty butcher shops.

As anyone who has tried it will tell you, the keto diet is an exciting adventure that can yield truly surprising results. But if you are thinking about going keto in 2019, make sure to do it in a clean way by emphasizing high quality local meats that will provide your body with the fuel it needs.

Choosing a Way Forward for Your Business

Choosing a Way Forward for Your Business

Source: Unsplash

As a business owner, it’s all too easy to get mired down in micromanagement. People found their own businesses because they value independence and control and giving that up can be difficult. It’s vital though, because the most valuable role of a business owner, founder or CEO is not taking personal control of every process, it’s looking to the future and steering the business forward towards success.

This is not an easy task. For one thing, the weight of responsibility for the business’ entire workforce rests on your shoulders: if your choices don’t generate the revenue or finance to pay everyone’s wages, there’s no one else to blame.

Today we’re looking at the ways you can make decisions about the future of your business that you can feel confident in, and lower some of the stress that comes with the rewards of running a business.

Objective Decisions

Truly objective decisions are a myth: as a person, with your unique experience and insights you will always bring a degree of bias to the process, and that’s no bad thing. It’s their particular set of experiences that makes someone a good decision maker! The best decisions, though, are based on reality, rather than simply your gut instincts, and you can use data sources to get closer to the reality you’re trying to make a decision about.

You can get some of the best data by working with a market research firm. They can provide you with market intelligence, so you can pick the options that work best for your consumers, and future proof your business against the trends that are coming, and competitor intelligence, to help you avoid the pitfalls your competitors fall into, and avoid forcing your competitors to choose between your brand and another – unless you’re very confident you will win!

Accepting Feedback

As well as knowing about the market you’re relying on, you also need to know about the business you’re running. It’s a sad truth that as you focus more on the bigger picture, as you need to, you can lose some perspective on the ground-level running of your business.

The answer isn’t to plunge into direct management: you need to listen to the people who work for you. Building in feedback processes is best done at the founding of a business. If you try to impose this culture afterwards, you may find it difficult to get an honest answer – it can be hard to tell the boss they’re wrong! If you can demonstrate that you don’t take feedback personally, whether it’s negative or positive, and that you’ll act on the expert input of your team, you’ll soon build a proper understanding of the business you’re leading, and be able to make the right decisions for its future.

Helpful guide on injury compensation and claims of semi-truck accident

Helpful guide on injury compensation and claims of semi-truck accident

Everyone knows that most of the semi-truck crashes lead to death claims and severe injury. The number of tractor-trailer wrecks is increasing more and more. Any means of transport collision with a big 18-wheeler is truly a distressing experience. It is because they can leave the victims with life-changing, severe injuries. If you get injured in a semi-truck accident, you must prepare properly for the insurance claim of your injuries. It will aid you in acquiring maximum compensation. This article shares you some valuable guidelines which will aid you in handling this kind of situation properly.

Take immediate medical care

The first step after getting injured is to let medical responders evaluate your injuries. It is mandatory to take medical treatment immediately at the sight. When it comes to broken bones and bleeding wounds, they are obvious injuries. There is also a possibility for you to have some life-threatening injuries which are not apparent immediately such as closed head trauma or internal bleeding.

Both excitement and shock can cover your injury symptoms. To avoid the inconveniences, you can tell the medical care experts about all symptoms including mild ones. It is because delaying or refusing your medical treatment or check-up after a crash is the most terrible mistake.  In most of the instances, the insurance providers will utilize this chance for denying the injury claim. They also argue that the injury is not related to the crashes.

Gather the information about trucker

You can approach the truck driver to share certain important details. It includes full names, work and home address, work and personal contact numbers and other useful contact details. You can also ask the driver to show his driver’s license. If possible, you can capture an image of trucker’s license.

When a semi-truck is involved, and then will require some important details regarding the truck that includes:

  • License number of cab
  • Contact information, name, and address of cab owner
  • Insurance information of a driver
  • The company name that hired or owns the truck
  • Details of cargo loaded in a truck

What to collect from the accident scene?

It is important to gather some evidence at your accident site that can aid you in acquiring injury claim.  It includes:

  • Photographs: You can take photos of the accident site including your car and truck
  • Detailed notes: You can note down all of your observations exactly at the accident site
  • Witness statements: you can try to collect the contact details of the potential witnesses.
  • Surveillance cameras: You can look for red-light and security cameras located close to your accident site.

Get better assistance

It is helpful to understand that bodily injury related claims are an entirely different story. There is no possibility for you to acquire better compensation on your own when you are getting injured in a semi-truck accident. It is the right time when you get professional help from personal injury lawyers. They are the professionals who can assist you throughout the process. Also, the lawyers help you to get the desired amount of compensation for your injury.

Pests Are Bad For Any Business

Pests Are Bad For Any Business

Pests are not just a nuisance, but they have also been known to be carriers of diseases. It is, therefore, a good idea for you to always call in an exterminator at the first sign of pests. Doing so will not only get rid of the pest problem before it exacerbates but will also prevent the possibility of the same pests making a comeback any time soon. There are different pests out there which require different methods of containment. Moreover, that’s why you’ll need to find an expert in that area to deal with the issues.

Of course, you can do it yourself, but it would make much more sense if you allowed someone more experienced and with the right tools to do the job on your behalf. It would not only be done fast but meticulously. Below are the reasons pests are bad for business and why they ought to be taken care of immediately:

Pests Can Lead to Closure of Business

I don’t need to reiterate just how the general public hates pests. The presence of pests in a business premise is an indicator of lack of hygiene as well as negligence, even if that might not be the case. It is, therefore, a good idea for you to learn how to get rid of the problem before it leads to some irreversible problems.

If any of the customers spot a rat or a cockroach at an eating establishment and proceeds to raise the issue with the health-related body in your area, you can have your business shut down. That is the main reason why you’ll need to call in help from the experts at Moxie Services here at They will come and handle the issue on your behalf before it gets out of hand.

Pests Can Damage Your Reputation

It doesn’t matter how many different types of delicious pizza you’ve got to offer. The moment your esteemed clients see a rat peeping from under the table, they will be gone the next second. Also, since people are social in nature, a word about your restaurant being infested will come out, damaging your reputation in the process. Therefore, if you want to avoid such a thing from ever happening, then it would be in your best interest to ban pests from your business before they visit.

Loss of Business

You can rest assured to lose business the moment your clients see a pest lingering in your industry. That’s why I can’t stress enough on just how important it is for you to find better ways to get rid of them and do so fast. You can also avoid pests by sealing off any entry point that might lead them into your business.

If you are a restaurant owner, you might want to get rid of all leftovers or keep them away in a refrigerator to avoid the possibility of your place being overrun by cockroaches and their ilk. Regular cleaning can also help you prevent the loss of business since pests have been known to detest clean restaurants.

Pests Can Cause Structural Damage

Some pests may not just be interested in your food. They may find your building suitable for nesting. If this is the case, you might start finding holes borrowed through walls, or the ceiling beginning to discolor due to the urine from the pests. The moment you see this, make sure you call in the “Cavalry” to deal with the issue before things get out of hand. If you don’t, then the situation could only get worse.

As a business, pest control should be your number one priority because it can either make or break you. There are many ways in which you can prevent pests from infesting your business, most of which you can implement yourself. However, it wouldn’t hurt a single bit to allow an expert to stop by and give their professional opinions.

Doing so might help you seal off the cracks that might have allowed them to pass through unexpectedly and ruin you in the process. Lastly, maintaining high levels of cleanliness will also do an incredible job as far as keeping the annoying pests at bay. Remember to also do your research online on how you can avoid a disaster by getting rid of pests.