Servicing, Installations, and Repairs of Lab Equipment

Servicing, Installations, and Repairs of Lab Equipment

It is essential to make sure a medical laboratory operates properly, and this means maintenance and repair has to be performed regularly. Luckily, pass boxes manufacturers generally ensure that they follow all the necessary service contracts, which includes installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

When Service Is Consistent, Functioning Is Flawless

Generally speaking, a manufacturer of laboratory equipment will make sure that their service is consistent. This includes easy installation and scheduled maintenance periods, as well as repair solutions for any instruments they offer. This includes the pass through boxes, which are vital components of laboratories where technicians work with hazardous materials, or materials that must remain free from contaminants.

It is vital that you look into this, however. You must make sure that your manufacturer works with trained and experienced technicians, who have an understanding not just of your pass boxes, but also of the conditions within your laboratory. This is also due to the fact that they will have to enter sterile environments themselves. The goal must be that you have a device that functions as new at all times.

To achieve this, technicians should make sure they can maintain and repair your devices in various different situations. They must be able to respond to any inaccuracies by reconditioning the device if applicable, by disassembling it and identifying and replacing the parts at fault, by inspecting the device in its entirety and more. They must also be able to decontaminate the device after they have worked on it, strictly sticking to any relevant rule. Sometimes, they will have to remove your device from site and return it once it is reconditioned, which means they also have to have extensive knowledge of shipping and handling procedures. Last but not least, they make sure that all the relevant standards, regulations, and codes are being adhered to, meaning they must always keep their regulatory knowledge up to date as well.

The Key Advantages of Regular Services

When you professionally and regularly have your equipment serviced, maintained, and repaired, you will access a number of key benefits. Those include:

  • Being proactive by engaging in preventative maintenance.
  • That repairs and service can generally be done on site.
  • That you can sign up to a contract for a set period of time.
  • That solutions will be offered promptly and in a reliable manner.
  • That only professionals service and repair your devices.
  • That the technicians will be able to retrain you on any new configurations.
  • That you will have ongoing support.
  • That you will always have functioning equipment.

Why You Should Stick to Reliable Suppliers

Because we live in an online world, everything is now available through digital providers. The problem with this is that it can be difficult to determine whether or not a supplier is of good quality. You must take the time, therefore, to compare what is available so that you know that you can count on your equipment to function properly at all times. After all, this is of vital importance in a lab environment.

The Success of Your Organization Relies on How Others See You

The Success of Your Organization Relies on How Others See You


Your online reputation is your greatest asset, and it must be managed properly. This is a full-time job, and one for which you should enlist the services of an online reputation management company so that it is done right. They will ensure that you always look positive when your prospective and existing customers search for you.

What Does a Reputation Management Company Do?

An online reputation management will focus on your business, brand, or on you, making sure that you look good. They do this by highlighting the positive while at the same time pushing back the negative. Doing this offers a number of key benefits, but the greatest benefit is that you will always appear in a positive light, which in turn attracts more custom to your website.

How Does a Reputation Management Company Do This?

There is a reason why reputation management is a full-time job. The company you hire will:

  • Set up alerts so that they know whenever something new, good or bad, is posted about you.
  • Engage in SEO (search engine optimization) tactics so that all the positive postings about you are found on the first page of google.
  • Engage in reverse SEO to ensure that any negative postings are pushed back to the third page of Google or further.
  • Respond to those negative comments that cannot be pushed back so that customers continue to see you in a positive light.
  • Attempt to have libelous criticism removed or de-indexed.

As you can see, online reputation management is quite a complex technological field. This is another reason why you should bring in the professionals. Unless your own business is a reputation management business, or you have some personal skills in digital marketing, you simply won’t know what to do. And even if you do, you are likely to be too busy running your business to also take on this task.

So why not simply hire a member of staff to deal with this? There are several reasons for this, but the main one is one of cost. The internet changes at lightning speed. Did you know, for instance, that Google changes its search algorithm just over once every day? While not all of these changes are major, they do all matter. Staying up to date with that requires a significant investment in training. Not just that, but if you have a single member of staff on board to manage your reputation, what would you do if they were off sick or even went on vacation? Your reputation is not something that can wait until tomorrow, but rather something that must be monitored at all times.

By working together with a reputation management company, they ensure a highly trained individual will monitor your online position around the clock. They are responsible for their training and for their replacement should they be absent for whatever reason. Yes, you do have to pay them for this. If you don’t, however, the overall cost doesn’t come anywhere near what it would cost you to lose your business, and that is a very real possibility.

How to Stop the Common Innovation Mistakes from Occurring

How to Stop the Common Innovation Mistakes from Occurring

Implementing innovation is necessary across all organizations. Getting it right, however, is a lot more difficult. There are some very common mistakes made with innovation management software SaaS tools, but these are mistakes that can be avoided. By building your awareness of them, you may be able to not fall into their traps either.

Two Key Mistakes

There are two key mistakes that almost everybody makes when it comes to innovation:

  1. They think they know what problems their customers have that need to be solved.
  2. They immediately try to solve the problem.

If you think that there is a problem that your customers have, you need to find out whether you are right about that. Do not, ever, make any assumptions. Speak to your customers, listen to them, and conduct proper research. You may be surprised to find that what you believed was a problem is not a problem at all. Or, at the opposite of the spectrum, that the problem you had identified is just the tip of the iceberg. Either way, it is likely that once you truly know what the problems your customers are facing are, you will have to move in a completely different direction in terms of idea generation.

The second mistake is that we are all far too solution-driven. Naturally, the ultimate goal is to solve problems, but because of our drive, we take the wrong approach to this. Most notably, when one of us believes that we have found a solution, we think it is the only thing that will work. We love our own solutions. We forget that the goal was not for us to take the glory with a solution, the goal was to solve a problem. It is hard to make that distinction, but it essentially means that you let go of your solution and allow others to tinker with it, until it actually becomes something that works – and that is not necessarily attributed to you.

How to Avoid Mistakes

Keys to avoiding these types of mistake from happening are:

  1. Make sure that everything you do is customer-centric. You don’t need to force the newest craze or coolest technology onto your customer if they are not interested in it. Rather, you must identify their problems and frustrations, and resolve those, together.
  2. Never, ever, assume anything. You must head out onto the streets, speak to your actual customers, listen to what they have to say, and don’t go into defensive mode. You are there to find out what it is that they need, so that you can find a way to offer them exactly that.
  3. Do not go into solutions mode. Come up with possible solutions and then open source them. Crowdsourcing software can help with that, whereby everybody collectively takes ownership of an idea.
  4. Don’t implement a possible solution until you have gone back to your customer and spoke to them. In fact, involve them in your overall innovation process.

What is the American Dream Today?

What is the American Dream Today?

What is the American dream today? If you ask most people, they will answer something about a good career, a better home, or success in all things. What most of them really mean can be said much simpler and without pretense. The American dream is more money, but it didn’t used to be.

Money didn’t used to be the American dream, but it has become the facsimile of it. This is because our country has lost itself and few remember what we once believed in.

The truth is the American dream used to be happiness, now it is money. Even those who dream of fame or power, don’t really care about either without having money to back it up. This is all true, because American is not the greatest country in the world anymore.

America isn’t the greatest country today.

This is an assertion that is made regularly by the more progressive politically active person today. This is an opinion held by both liberal and conservative persons, by men and women, even an opinion by those that are anti-government radicals and anarchists. Most hold this opinion because something has left them disillusioned with the way American treats people, enforces laws, engages in foreign policy, or the way it fails to do each of these things. In any case, the American dream has slowly been eroded in the wake of the shifting of society into socially separate and economically stratified groups that feel their separation from true power to change the United States of America. That America is not the greatest country in the world and it isn’t nearly as rich, as it once was either.

American has become a divided nation.

The real problem with the American dream today is essentially that most intelligent people are guided in how they are focused on achieving it. We have a two party system that is supposed to be representative of equality and real world representation of public opinion. In reality, the two party system is set up in such a way, that if we do not choose one of the two sides, it is nearly impossible to even have an opinion. Anything that mildly deviates from the left or the right, those views are not likely to get enough support to be represented. Ask anyone from an extremist point of view, or someone holding very middle of the road political opinions. Both these equally valid positions, simply do not have enough representatives in the population to warrant either party worry about them. Except possibly in little percentages or swing votes, and only during the elections of major importance like the presidential, or elections for the Senate and House.

Americans think great things about the United States, but they have no reason or proof that they should feel that way about America. Almost as if there were two countries simultaneously existing on top of one another.

One being America, a land whose population is made up of common people and citizens, but nobody who actually can count on the government to protect them, or even share the same country with them. The other being the United States, it is a country whose population is made up of true believers in the body political or you might call them the United Statesians, like the Romans were the true believers in the military government overlooking the Roman Empire. Americans are free but not equal to the United Statesians. Both sides of American want freedom, but both do not believe in the same way of achieving it.

One thing is true, despite these basic conflicts.

Most Americans wane nostalgic for the past. A time before television, before technology, before the Internet, and before the country had become so jaded. When the country wasn’t so scared to be politically correct or socially incorrect. If the American dream still exits, it is a dream that is rooted in somehow returning to a place of innocence. Because happiness is still the real American dream in our hearts.


Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Faxage a leading company that provides Internet fax service for individuals and businesses.

Top 3 Business Principles For Successful Business Growth

Top 3 Business Principles For Successful Business Growth

The principles that contribute to successful growth don’t change much from small to big businesses, at least not the important ones. This is because success is primarily based on productivity. Making certain principles and practices part of your core ideals is the key, but also making them part of your daily life. These basic principles can be used by any business, as a foundation for successful growth in the long term.

Three top principles are rooted in all successful business growth. If you carry forward using these in the office, in public and even in the courtroom, you will continue to meet goals that lead to furthering success for your small or large business ventures. Take these to heart and learn to live by them.

Make Money By Spending Money

It is a traditional idea in business, but should never be forgotten. Money spending is something all businesses must do, so expect it and become comfortable with it. It is actually more important than paying the bills, because bills will not exist without putting any money at risk. A business that is thriving is constantly moving money, this is a byproduct of becoming more successful. You must invest in yourself or your company, if you expect it to flourish. Successful businesses know that investment is a huge part of their potential productivity. Without a sufficient amount of spending, a business can hardly get off the ground. Money spent wisely will build contact, open new opportunities and will reap profits. All these being products of working more productively. Every company needs to make money, every business also needs to spend money. It is a simple principle of successful economics.

Surround Yourself With Intelligence

As a company grows, so does the need to have input and recruit talent. Moving upward in the business world requires more than a few good minds to deal with the daily tasks and changes growth brings about. The people hired to cover your workload must be able to take direction, learn your business model, cross train in relevant areas for basic redundancy and think outside the box, as the company expands. Hiring people that can lead and follow is an art, all good business owners learn to read people. Your hiring process should include the idea that grooming people to stay with the company is a good thing. These people should not all be yes men or women, but people that bring ideas to the table that challenge the whole business. Being surrounded by intelligent minds is an asset that really has no price tag, it is invaluable and apparent, when nobody knows how to solve a problem. Commit to your talented employees, give them a reason to stick with your business and keep your promises as a business owner. The loyalty your actions inspire in others, create new dimensions and potentials for successful growth as a business.

Always Be Upgrading Your Resources

The essential tools to run a business are structured around what product you sell or what service you provide. Each industry has technology that is uniquely designed for the type business model it emulates. Whatever the essential tools, tech or materials are for your business productivity, never stop upgrading them. If you need a computer, always purchase another for redundancy, so breakdowns never stop production. When new technology becomes the best option, always spring for the upgrade packages. This kind of thinking will always save your business money, but also keep it state of the art. Keeping up with upgrades to materials and resources is an ongoing investment. It is also the differential line that leads small businesses into becoming bigger ones.

If you carry these principles and utilize them in your daily work, any business model is sure to be more productive. Successful business growth lends itself to companies that are consistent about how they conduct themselves. Having clear core principles helps in guiding small or large businesses in the right direction.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who focuses on personal finance and other money matters. She currently writes for, where you can get personal checks and business checks.

How to Change a Toxic Work Culture

How to Change a Toxic Work Culture

With the announcement that Travis Kalanick would be stepping down as the CEO of Uber, it has a lot of people once again considering toxic work cultures and the negative impact this can have on the entire organization.

Silicon Valley has been a good example of how a toxic culture can negatively impact even the most successful and promising of companies, with rumors and reports of everything from sexual harassment to discrimination floating around about Uber and other tech companies.

While there are third-party companies like SIT that develop ways to shift company culture, for example, towards more innovation, what do you do when you’re dealing with a toxic work culture? This is a situation that might also require outside help, but in general, the following are some useful tips to make a shift when necessary.

Conduct Exit Interviews

One of the big mistakes too many companies make is that they don’t conduct exit interviews. Conducting exit interviews aren’t in and of themselves going to solve problems with corporate culture, but they’re going to be one of the best ways to get a handle on the truth of what’s happening, and where potential problems exist.

It’s important to do exit interviews with both people who leave willingly for whatever reason and fired individuals.

These can also serve as a baseline measurements when you put other mechanisms of change in place, to see how you’re doing.

Cultivate Transparency

When people feel like they’re working in a negative environment, they also tend to be less productive, and that impacts the bottom line of the company.

One of the biggest reasons negativity develops and takes hold in a culture is a lack of transparency. When employees feel like everything is happening behind closed doors, that then leads to a sense that there is secrecy, which breeds gossip and animosity.

Just by being honest, upfront and transparent with employees, it can go a long way in remedying some of the toxic elements negatively impacting the organization.

Be Careful with Competition

There’s an idea that successful companies have competitive and often cutthroat employees, but this is what can foster bullying and problems in the workplace. Some competition isn’t a problem, but when it goes too far, that’s when cultures become toxic.

You need employees who strive to succeed but also who can get along with one another.

It’s important to encourage strong company values that emphasize teamwork, and when hiring, try to think about fit as much as qualifications.

Start At the Top

Finally, as is being seen with the Uber situation, sometimes changing a toxic culture requires looking at the top to see where problems exist.

Company leaders ultimately own the culture of their organization, so if you can see that your leaders or even you are fostering competition to the point that it’s negative, encouraging a sense of bullying, or do everything behind a curtain of secrecy, it’s time to make changes.

You can’t expect employees to embrace the changes necessary to eliminate a toxic culture if company leaders aren’t willing to take their own steps.

These Industries are Attracting the Smart Money

These Industries are Attracting the Smart Money


With markets in many countries at or near all-time highs, it seems like you cannot make a bad investment. But markets never keep going up and what gets revealed when they turn in the other direction is that many of the companies that were riding the wave up, were only able to do so because of investor euphoria rather than real business success. So which industries are attracting the smart investors? To find out, it is best to look where experts like Bob Stefanowski is looking to buy. Smart investors like him know the right industries. Here are some of the hottest industries to take a look at for an investment.

Healthcare services for the elderly

Around the world in the most developed nations, populations are aging. This is particularly true in America. Partly due to better medicines and also to less overall crime rates, more people are simply living longer. This has created a serious need for healthcare services for older people. Many of them move into assisted living or retirement communities that have robust health services.

But many of these places are full or either unavailable to large groups of seniors. Some also simply do not like these types of places and want to remain in their own homes. As a result at-home healthcare services for the elderly is one of the fastest growing businesses in the US. In fact the industry is expected to grow 60% in the next five years and employ more than 2 million people. What this means is the companies providing these services will see sharp and continuing growth for the foreseeable future, and they are as a result great investments.

Water Treatment

Perhaps the most valuable resource in the world is currently in short supply. Access to clean drinking water is one the world’s greatest challenges as our populations increase and availability of this critical resource does not. As a result countries around the world are investing heavily in locating and creating clean water. This has also created a booming industry for private firms who operate in the industry.

For investors, it is important to know that these companies are in line for long term growth with an estimated 1.2 billion people currently living in regions where clean water is scarce and that number projected to grow significantly unless viable solutions are found.

The businesses that stand to gain from this need are water treatment companies which boast a variety of approaches from water reclamation to desalinization of saltwater, to acquiring water from previously unavailable sources.

Additionally companies are developing new ways to inhibit the processes of many industries that cause clean water to be undrinkable. These industries include oil, gas and construction which use large amounts of clean fresh water that they make undrinkable. Companies operating in this area are using the latest technology to prove there is no shortage of great ideas for attacking the problem. If you are looking for a great investment, smart money says focus on water treatment companies.

Physical Therapy

The US healthcare industry is the biggest in the world with huge growth continuing each year in spite of any attempts to slow it down. One of the fastest areas of growth is in rehabilitation from physical injuries. This area also includes treatment of chronic physical issues that require some type of therapy. These treatments used to be handled nearly exclusively at hospitals but there has grown a booming business of outpatient rehabilitation services. In fact the US now has more than 100,000 of these types of businesses and there is still often not enough to serve the available patients. Primary reasons for the growth in their use are:

  • An aging population prone to injury and the aches and pains of getting older.
  • Sports injuries from a large part of the population obsessed with exercise.
  • Injuries to soldiers returning from combat duty.
  • Increased injuries due to a growing sedentary work and at home lifestyles of the majority of the population.

Combined these factors create a strong need for the industry’s services and create and industry that is very attractive to smart investors.

If you have been saving your money looking for where to put it, these industries offer great options. Do your homework on specific companies that you may consider to investment worthy and if you like what you see, call your broker.

How to Make Sure Your Small Business is Actually Productive

How to Make Sure Your Small Business is Actually Productive

Productivity is the secret sauce of many a successful business. No matter how great your business idea is, if the workplace is not actually productive, your company will not be making much money. Productivity for business means making as much money as per labor spent. If your employees work 9 hour days with little to show for it, then you are not making much money. So here are several essential tips for making your startup or small business more productive:

Assign Leaders

If you assign a team of people to handle a particular task or a project, make sure the team has a leader. When it comes to groups, a hierarchy is important to assign responsibility. The team leader will ensure that everyone does what they are supposed to on time. Without leadership, there will more room for members to be lazy, get into lengthy disputes, and overall be less productive. So, make sure there’s someone responsible for the project or task at hand.

Invest in Communications Software

A lot of time in offices is wasted on employees not communicating properly. Long chain emails, memos that go nowhere, and talking loudly in cubicles are all signs of lack of productivity. Companies should ensure that employees can communicate easily and quickly. So, do invest in communications software. Some, like Skype, won’t cost much money and will make communication much more accessible.

Do a Business Review

It won’t be possible for you to know how productive your small business is without doing a comprehensive review, like Global Resources Reviews. So, don’t hesitate to hire management consultants to review practices at your small business. The professionals will be able to tell you what you are doing right and what you are not doing right. A review from an outsider’s perspective would be highly beneficial to ensuring productivity as well as efficiency.

Ban Spur of the Moment Meetings

Most businesspeople are familiar with those spur of the moment, “5-minute” meetings. Such meetings do nothing but take up valuable time. It’s best to ban these meetings. Do not let employees hold meetings that have no clear purposes. If a team needs to discuss things over, it can be done via Skype or email. Let them hold meetings only when it is absolutely necessary. Discourage all other meetings that only waste time.

Have Clear Agendas for Lengthy Projects

If a project can last for months, then employees that handle the project must approach it with a clear agenda. Big tasks must be broken down into smaller ones, and there should be a team member leading various aspects of the projects. Without a clear agenda, the management of the project will be a mess, and deadlines will definitely be missed. So, make sure projects have a clearly thought out timetable so everything gets done on time.

Allow Employees to Take Breathers

Too much work can hinder productivity rather than make things better. So, if you have employees who are overburdened with work, it can take a toll on their individual productivity levels. So, do allow employees to take a breather and think clearly to be more productive afterwards.

The above tips should allow your small businesses to be more efficient and productive in the long run, and ultimately, more profitable as well.

The Product Photography Tips You Need to Know

The Product Photography Tips You Need to Know


eCommerce is popular, with consumers making so many of their purchases online. It’s also simple for entrepreneurs and business owners to create their own eCommerce site within a few hours, and be ready to sell to people around the world.

There’s just one thing to consider, and that’s the photography. The product images you use on your eCommerce site are extremely important, and they’re ultimately what’s going to sway your consumer in one direction or the other, but what do you do if you’re a novice at taking product photos?

You might also want to do it all yourself, particularly if you’re on a tight budget and hiring a professional photographer just isn’t feasible for you.

There are some tips you can follow to make sure your customers are compelled to buy from you.

Show Products in Use

First and foremost, this isn’t so much a technical tip as a content tip. When you’re adding product photos to your eCommerce site, don’t just show the product in its packaging. Try to add images of it in use. For example, if you’re highlighting men’s haircare products, show it being used on men’s hairstyles.

People are visual, and it’s things like this that can help you stand out from the massive amounts of competition in the eCommerce world.

Use the Right Equipment

In the past buying a professional-quality camera might have been out of the question, but now DSLRs are getting so much more affordable. If you have an eCommerce site with a lot of items, or you plan on taking a lot of pictures, it m ay be a  justifiable expense.

Even if you’re not ready to take the plunge with a new camera, consider using something the VSCOCam app which will turn your smartphone into something ready to take a professional-quality photo.

Also, think about using a tripod, particularly if you have smaller products. You can use a tripod with a camera or your smartphone, and it can help make sure your pictures have the right depth of field.

Use a White Background

When you take product photos, you want the focus to be entirely on that photo, which is why you need a white background. Even what seems like a small detail such as a subtle texture in the background can take away from the impact of the image.

With a white sheet of paper or fabric, you can give yourself the perfect backdrop.

The Light

Finally, you’ve probably heard it before, but to get the best digital photos, you need the right light. Natural light is almost always best, and if you can use it, do it. Taking product pictures in natural light in the early afternoon tends to be best.

You want to keep shadows soft as well, which you can accomplish by taking pictures near a big window or going directly outside.

Adding a flash diffuser to your camera can also help soften the light and prevent unsightly hard shadows.

This might not be a full course on product photography, but these are some must-have tips that can get you started.

The Essentials for Increasing Sales

The Essentials for Increasing Sales

Success in sales demands a careful analysis of factors that create and build sales. This can be attained by utilizing incredibly intricate sales software creating by sales gurus like Mark Stiffler. It also demands that you find way to get and keep your sales team at peak operating capacity so they always are ahead of the competition. To get your team motivated to grow sales try these tips.

Tell your sales team where things stand

Some companies are reluctant to tell their sales team how things are going. They may let them know if a sales quota is reached and if someone is having an outstanding performance or someone may get fired one day because of poor performance but overall the team is not kept informed of how everyone is doing. This is the absolute wrong approach. The sales team shouldn’t be in the dark about how sales are going.

The top companies are much more likely to report on non-quota sales performance, focusing not only on sales-to-quota achievements, but also on qualitative goals that identify how well team members are selling. By opening up both your sales tracking approach and statistics to everyone, you letting them see who is doing well, and poorly and get the chance to discuss why. It fosters teamwork, healthy competition and gives those who are excelling an opportunity to be praised.

Provide great incentives

Every sales department needs a great incentive program at its base in order to get the team motivated to sell. Sales people typically gravitate to the position mostly because of the compensation package and so having an enticing one will go a long way to getting quality people on your sales team.

If there is a need to really push sales to another level whether temporarily or for an extended period of time, a good idea is to temporarily increase sales incentives. By offering more money, additional time off or a great gift is another great way to give employees a push toward meeting a higher goal. Studies have shown that non-cash incentives can be more effective than cash incentives so consider adding great trips or dinner at a top restaurant or show tickets as part of the incentive mix. This idea will get people talking and if the prizes are the right ones, everyone will push sales harder to get them.

Make it a Friendly Competition

Sales people are innately competitive, so if you play into this character trait, it can have a great positive effect on sales. Coming up with a competition that is both fun and rewarding will really be a hit with your sales department. More companies are utilizing a team competition where the pressure is on multiple team members and an option of winning gets shared and the response is generally very positive.

Weaker sales people may not feel that they have a chance to win but coupled with others on a team, they might get energized and motivated. There’s nothing quite like a little healthy competition to put the drive back into sales. The result is total team involvement, leading to increased sales and productivity.

Communicate the big picture

Smart businesses understand that getting employees to buy into the big picture is beneficial to growth. It is one of the things that gets people excited makes them feel like what they do actually matters in the success of the company.  So providing employees with a sense of the big picture can be a powerful tool for motivating them.

The goal should be to show them their role and importance to the success of the enterprise and then provide a clear path for them to fulfill that role. Focusing on their individual opportunities for advancement and specific benefits is most effective.

Use these tips to ramp up sales in your organization.