5 Reasons To Switch To Grass Fed Beef

5 Reasons To Switch To Grass Fed Beef

With every supermarket product sporting a label that professes it’s produced to be “cruelty-free”, “organic” or things of the likes, being inundated with these terms can make buying meat a hard task. Not only that, but the added prospect of your decision making influencing the world at large makes choosing tonight’s roast seem like life or death.

Fear not. We’ll make dinner tonight a little less dramatic by explaining what “grass fed” beef is and why it’s the best choice when it comes to your grocery shopping.

  1. Grass fed beef eats what it’s meant to, grass.

While the common standard is for cows to be fed grains, this in fact has a deleterious effect on their health. This option may be much cheaper for farmers, but the high starch concentrates effect the PH balance in the cow’s system, making them very ill and in need of antibiotics.

A diet of cow’s milk and grass (as nature intended), ensures that the cow’s inner equilibrium is maintained, making grass fed meat the healthier option for your dinner table.

  1. Grass fed meat can potentially hinder cancer.

While you wouldn’t compare a salmon to a cow, grass fed meat contains high levels of beta-carotene and those scrumptious omega-3 essential fatty acids too! Studies have proven that these key ingredients reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and other health issues related to high blood pressure. Not only that, but the meat is also richer in vitamins A and E, more-so than the traditional grain fed option.

  1. E-coli issues are banished.

With the grass diet causing their stomachs to become stronger (due to the regulated pH balance within) grass fed cows produce microbes in their guts that fend off diseases related E-coli. The open pastures also limit the chance of disease spreading amongst the cow’s due to the open space, unlike cramped unhygienic quarters characterised by feedlots.

  1. Grass fed beef is lower in calories.

Did you know that grass fed meat helps lower cholesterol levels, consequently being lower in calories? Studies have shown that a 6- ounce steak from a grass-fed cow carries 100% fewer calories than a grain finished animal. A revelation for meat eaters who are also health conscious!

  1. Grass fed cows are cruelty free.

With the reality of factory conditions becoming more exposed to public scrutiny, it’s plain to see that the level of cruelty inflicted on cows in traditional factories is inexcusable. Grass fed cows are given ample space to live and feed, improving not only their quality of life, but the meat they produce.

Cannings prides itself on being a completely free-range butcher of speciality meats located in five permanent locations in the Melbourne area. Together with a passion for produce excellence and animal welfare, we aim to bring quality meats to the community at large at a price that won’t cost the planet.

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Top Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet

Top Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet

With summer just around the corner I have no doubt that there are many of you out there who are just about to start, or have already got underway with a new diet to shift the final few pounds before that big summer vacation.

As someone who has done more diets that has had hot meals, I can understand the process which you are going through. You start off full of beans, making plans on paper for your new, healthy life. Week one goes great and you feel amazing then week two comes around and you start to regress, accepting that this may just be your body type. If sticking to a diet is something that you find difficult then here are some tips to help you to stay on track.

Buddy Up

One of the best ways that I have found of losing weight and sticking to my plan is to do it with a friend. What happens when you involve a friend in your weight loss plan is that you are giving yourself, and your friend accountability and as such, you are far less likely to fail. For example, call your friend each meal time, let them know what you are eating, if you feel like cheating, give them a call and they can talk you out of it. Involving someone else who wants the same as you will mean that you are not just letting yourself down if you give up, you are letting them down too.

Small Steps

If you want to put together a 12 week plan then there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you have built into the plan a lot of small goals. The idea of dieting is to achieve something and if you don’t feel as though you are actually achieving anything, then you are more likely to give up. Set yourself challenges at the gym, weight loss targets and food challenges and then give yourself a small reward each time you accomplish your goal. Ensure that you don’t reward yourself with fatty foods, that would be counterproductive, perhaps a new gadget or item of clothing to pat yourself on the back.

Use Technology

There are loads of great apps on the market where you can load in your diet plan, update your meals and it will also give you motivational alerts just when you need them. Having a diet app is like having an angel on your shoulder to keep you going whenever you feel weak and it is also a great way to track your meals and your calories. Most apps allow you to place your weight loss goals and even give you  plan for how you can best achieve them.

Losing weight is not easy bit with a strong resolve, a bit of hard work and a conscious mind, you’ll find that you will be able to do it in no time at all.