6 Top Landscaping and Lawn Care Tips

6 Top Landscaping and Lawn Care Tips

One thing that True Green understands is beautiful lawns and landscapes. You may have read some the TruGreen reviews and seen how focused they are on helping people have a beautiful home while helping the environment at the same time. Was this review useful to you? If so, True Green would love to hear your comment!

In the meantime, the company has listened to what each customer has mentioned, one of which is to help increase their knowledge about how to properly look after their lawn. Hence, they have developed six key lawn care tips to follow.

  1. Assess Your Space

Before you do any landscaping, you need to consider the space available to you. Find out where the sun and shade is, where you would like to have plants, and what your local environment is like. This is important so that you can properly look after your lawn as well. Proper planning prevents poor performance, as they say,

  1. Think about Your Features and Plants

Now that you know what space you have available, you can create a plan of what you would want to see in it. You may want just one law, with plants surrounding it. Or perhaps you would prefer multiple lawns, with paths between them. You have to think about your plants and your accessories, which you can use as focal points or to section off different parts. Do consider how much work it will require to maintain as well, and make sure you choose plants appropriate to the level of light and the environment.

  1. Think about Your Time

Having a garden can be a lot of work. You could consider hiring a regular lawn service to help you maintain it, or you might want to do it yourself. If you opt the service, don’t forget to review it so that others know how good they are. If you don’t want to hire a lawn service, then make sure you can actually manage it by yourself.

  1. Fertilize

Fertilizing is important for your edibles and flowers, but also for your lawn. If you want it to be beautiful, you need to make sure that you feed it properly. One way to do that is to leave grass clippings after mowing, but you may have to use an actual fertilizer sometimes as well.

  1. Seal and Secure

It is important that you properly seal and secure any features in your garden, such as decking or fencing. This ensures that it will last a life time. Your lawn also has to be properly protected, as do all your other plants.

  1. Call in the Experts

Companies like True Green are there to make sure you can look after your lawn and garden properly. They can give you all the necessary tips on care and maintenance, as well as the products you require. Don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever you need it, that is what companies like TruGreen are there for.

Garden Renovation on a Budget, How to Make it Happen

Garden Renovation on a Budget, How to Make it Happen

If you own a property with a garden then you will understand just how much of a pain this part of your home can be. The thing is that we all want to look out of our window and see a pretty garden or have a beautiful place t relax in when the sun starts shining. In spite of this, when it comes to spending money on the house, we all know that the living room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms will always take precedent over an outside space.

With that being said, none of us want to ignore the garden completely and if you want to give yours a make over, without spending crazy sums of cash, then here are some tips to give your garden a sexy budget makeover.


Adding decking to your garden looks awesome but sadly those lush wooden panels come with a hefty price tag. However, you can make your own decking area on the cheap by using some warehouse pallets. These pallets are easy to come by and often either very cheap or free from local factories and warehouses. Once you get the pallets you should sand them down, give them a coat of protection and then paint the the color of your choice before laying them down and creating your very own DIY decking area.

Old Chic

If you want to add a touch of style to your garden then you should look at buying or obtaining some old pieces of metal equipment to place around the garden. When you get things like old watering cans, pots and pans or rusty old bikes in the garden, the distressed look of the metal works perfectly with the freshness and colors of grass and flowers. You can pick things like this up in a scrap yard or thrift shop and they won’t take much time to install.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are another great addition to your garden, they can give the appearance of a larger space and they can also add great patterns when the sun bounces off the glass. Even broken pieces of mirror can look good if you add  a mosaic style design and you can get mirrors for very low prices.

Interesting Pots

If you want to add some potted plants to your garden then you need to start getting creative with the pots you use for a truly unique and exciting look to the garden. You can use any type of container to place the plants in and to make it look cool you should think about using things like old wellington boots or even old pieces of clothing like jeans which you can hang off a wall and place the plants inside.

The key to giving your garden a budget make over is to get creative and understand that you do not need to pay the crazy prices which many garden centers would have you believe that you need to.