Why Is Gold So Valuable?

Why Is Gold So Valuable?

No matter the strength, appearance or rarity, no metal in the world is held with such high regard as Gold. For centuries, it has been a symbol of wealth, status, and power, and in the modern age, the absolute standard for global currencies. A massive symbol in religion, Gold can often be found in many churches across the world as well as religious texts, crowns, crucifixes and jewellery. For as long as it’s been in existence, people have always wondered why Gold has such value, both financially, and within society. One of the reasons Gold is so sought after is that it is inert, this means that it can’t rust, corrode or degrade as it doesn’t interact with other elements the same way many other metals do. It’s a generally accepted fact that Gold, if taken proper care of could last near enough forever. It is also incredibly adaptable, as it can be stretched, moulded and reformed without breaking, allowing designers, jewellers and creators to use it at their will. It is also a conductor of electricity and can be found in computer parts and cables designed for audio use. However, fancy jewellery and high end electrics aren’t the only places you’ll find the elusive metal.

  • Alcohol

Goldschläger, the Swiss schnapps features small, yet clearly flakes of gold floating in it. How’s that for luxury?

  • Phone Covers

The latest trend amongst the ultra-rich is gold plated/ phones and tablets!

  • Cars

BMW’s, Ferraris, Porches, how does one make an expensive car more expensive? Cover it in gold, of course!

  • Underwear

Turns out Gold plated Bras are all the rage in the fashion industry right now, just incase you needed to show how rich you are both inside the bedroom, and out.

  • Coffee Machine

At a whopping £1,070, you can grab yourself a completely gold LA PAVONI coffee maker to add a little glamour to your kitchen counter, and your morning brew.

  • A Bicycle!

Yeah, we can’t really see the merit in this either. But then again, even the mega rich need to stay fit!

Despite not being the rarest, or even the most expensive material on earth, Gold is still considered the stand by which value is defined. The combination of both rarity and aesthetics has pushed gold to the top of the ladder when it comes to sought after metals. There’s not a single material on earth that has the appeal that gold has managed to earn.

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4 Ways to Find Funding For Your Start Up

4 Ways to Find Funding For Your Start Up

Did you know that 56% of new businesses will collapse within their first three years? And, that of the 44% which remain, over half of these will fail within the following 2 years? These are worrying statistics for anyone who is looking to commence their own start-up and as such it is vital that the reasons behind the failures of others are looked at carefully, and more importantly, avoided.

The majority of businesses which fail, do so because of either financial mismanagement or a lack of funding to keep the business going or seek growth when the time is right. In order to avoid these problems it is vital that you have sufficient funding in place for your new business, and here is where to get it.

Bank Loan

Banks have been loaning money to new businesses for a very long time and they are still one of the most tried and trusted methods of funding a new enterprise. Bank loans will have very reasonable terms regarding repayment structure and they will also assist you in your business in any way that they can. It is worth remembering that a bank wants your business to succeed, not only will it mean that they get their money back, but also that you are more likely to keep your business with them in the future.


Ever since the booming successes of start-ups such as Uber and Facebook, there are more and more investors looking to plough their money into exciting start-ups. These people are referred to as angel investors and you can use their money to propel yourself to success. Often you will need to pitch your idea to them and negotiate the terms of their investment, this could mean giving a small share of your business away for a helpful cash injection.


Governments love a successful start-up as they can have a positive effect on the economy as a whole, creating new jobs and adding to created revenue. For this reason there are a lot of grants which you could tap into that have been set up by government agencies to support you and your start up. The figures which you can get your hands on are not enough to complete your funding goals but they will boost your financial strength and give you a higher chance of success.

Personal Finance

There is nothing wrong with investing your own cash when it comes to setting up a business although if you do, you will need to consider your personal and business finances as two separate entities. The reason for this is because it can become highly confusing and could land you in hot water. If the business does run into difficulty, you should not have to pay for this out of your own pocket.

So there you have it, four great ways which mean that you can go and get the funding which you need, for that million dollar idea of yours.