7 Floral and their significance

7 Floral and their significance

It is buried deep down in our head that flowers are the best sources for unspoken words. The not only symbolises the feelings but also our thoughts for a person to whom we are offering the bunch of flowers. Do you know the meaning of flowers which you can give away to your loved ones?

If no, then scroll down the meaning of 7 of the significant flowers here to express what is hidden deep inside your heart and send flowers to Ambala and other regions in Haryana through online portals:-

  •    Roses

These flowers are always associated with love. I think since ages, this flower is considered as love flower. However, with the change of colour, the meaning of rose’s changes, here you need to bit thoughtful before giving it to your friend or love. Red roses represent the passionate love while pink stands for erotic romance. Yellow roses can be offered to your friends as a symbol of happiness whereas white brings peace and purity in life.

  •    Lilies

These flowers were used for commemorating by ancient Egypt people. However, this flower indicates, innocence, fertility and eroticism. Mostly these flowers are given to show your sympathy. Nowadays these flowers are not seen a flower of grief but an example of aliveness and festivity.

  •    Carnations

This flower is counted among oldest cultivated flowers. Carnations render friendship, happiness and love. Various colours signify various emotions. For good luck, white carnations can be gifted. Mother’s love can be meant with Pink Carnations. Purple one means the volatility whereas disappointment is conveyed by yellow carnation.

  •    Tulips

These flowers were the favourite topic of poets as they were associated with love and passion. Tulips also depict emotions according to their colours. Tulips are all occasion flowers as can be given at every celebration whether it’s your birthday or anniversaries.

These royal flowers represent cheerfulness, forgiveness and positivity.

  •    Sunflowers

Earlier seeds of sunflower were used to prepare bread. This flower is a symbol of happiness and longevity. This positivity bringing flower signifies adoration and loyalty.

  •    Daffodils

Daffodils were earlier used for healing. It is believed to fetch luck and fortune. Daffodils mean inspiration, they are also used to forgive, apologise, and sympathy. This flower gives a mixed reaction, according to different cultures.

  •    Chrysanthemums

These are believed to be China originated and were considered to the holder of life’s power. It contains healing properties. Roots of Chrysanthemums were used for curing headaches, To make a celebratory drink its leaves were used. While in salads, its petals were included. In a few parts of the world, this flower was a symbol of loss, grief and death. Despite so many negative emotions, this flower is linked to love, happiness and friendship in most of the world.