Peter Dvorak – Are Spurs in a Position to Win a Title?

Source: Ardfern

As a Tottenham fan I can honestly say that from one season to the next I have absolutely no idea how we are going to get on and any prediction which I have ever made has gone wrong. Naturally therefore, I continue to make them. I was chatting with my mate Peter Dvorak last week about this, a man who I must say seems to always get these things right, frustratingly so for me. Peter believes that Spurs are in a great position to nail top 4 this year and get back in amongst the Champions League please and I must say that I do agree. Whether this means that Peter’s touch has gone or that my curse is over, remains to be seen, but could spurs be in a position to win a title?

The Search For Premier League Success

The truth of the matter is that Spurs are a long way from a title win although closer than they have been for some years. This year will be a City or Liverpool win but if spurs can get a trophy under their belt this season and then guarantee the services of a fit Gareth Bale for another year, then 21/22 could certainly be their season.

How To Get Top 4

The reason why both Peter and I believe that this is the year Spurs will get straight back into the top 4 is that they have signed quality players. First of all the likes of Lo Celso and Ndombele appear to have put their first season woes behind them and now look like they’ll take charge of midfield. New signings Hojberg and Doherty are ready made Premier League players and will slot in with no problems at all. Add to this the introduction of Bale, who knows the club so well, Reguilon who will be keen to impress and the possible introduction of Skriniar, and that high there is a Champions League team.


It is tough to say who will not be in the top 4 if Spurs do make it, but I do have an inkling on one or two of them. I believe that Leicester will struggle simply because of an aging Jamie Vardy, they’ll get Europa League but anything beyond that is too big a stretch. Chelsea I think may struggle because of the huge sums of money that has been spent. This is a different type of pressure for Frank Lampard and I think that will be telling. I still don’t believe that Man United are good enough under Solskjaer, regardless of the money that they have spent and whilst Arsenal will be better than previous years, there is still a huge amount for Arteta to fix.

And so the prediction I will make for this season is that Tottenham will finish in the top 4, possibly 4th, and they will also lift a domestic trophy. A title win however? That is something which we will not be seeing for some time.