The Best Overhead Kicks Ever

There are a few people who executed good overhead kicks in football. Few footballers are able kick balls like these. We are going to look at some of the best overhead kicks of all time.

Trevor Sinclair

Trevor Sinclair scored a goal that was talked about for weeks in 1997. So many people tried to emulate it and that goal was though an overhead kick.  He won Goal of the season and he was also the man of the match that day.


After he scored one of the best goals, a lot of showing off was done. Well, this is the Barcelona way of celebrating after all. The overheard goal that he made that day went viral. His goals have always been impressive and get australian online pokies real money players to bet on him ,but this was one of the best.

Dimitar Bertov

What made Dimitar Bertov’s goal more special was that it was part of a hat trick. He scored this overhead goal during a match against Liverpool. Liverpool keeper had no chance against this goal which is why it is one of the most special ones.

Sebastian Romero and Marco Perez

This was an awesome double overhead by Sebastian Romero and Marco Perez. They scored during this match. They were both playing for Gimnasia La Plata, an Argentinian team. Did you know that you can bet on favourite team or play at and stand a chance big.

Youri Djorkaeff

The angle that Youri Djorkaeff scored was what made this overhead special. Hye was playing for Inter Milan when he scored that overhead. The defence of the rivals was weak during this match.

Marko Fabian

Marko Fabian made this overhead goal while playing for Chivas. The goal is a classic one. His team was playing against Barcelona during that match. It was a pre-season game but that goal was one of the best goals ever.

Peter Crouch

He scored a number of wonderful overhead goals. The one that is outstanding however is the one that he scored against Galatasaray when he was playing for Liverpool. Peter Crouch is one of the best players in football history