The Product Photography Tips You Need to Know


eCommerce is popular, with consumers making so many of their purchases online. It’s also simple for entrepreneurs and business owners to create their own eCommerce site within a few hours, and be ready to sell to people around the world.

There’s just one thing to consider, and that’s the photography. The product images you use on your eCommerce site are extremely important, and they’re ultimately what’s going to sway your consumer in one direction or the other, but what do you do if you’re a novice at taking product photos?

You might also want to do it all yourself, particularly if you’re on a tight budget and hiring a professional photographer just isn’t feasible for you.

There are some tips you can follow to make sure your customers are compelled to buy from you.

Show Products in Use

First and foremost, this isn’t so much a technical tip as a content tip. When you’re adding product photos to your eCommerce site, don’t just show the product in its packaging. Try to add images of it in use. For example, if you’re highlighting men’s haircare products, show it being used on men’s hairstyles.

People are visual, and it’s things like this that can help you stand out from the massive amounts of competition in the eCommerce world.

Use the Right Equipment

In the past buying a professional-quality camera might have been out of the question, but now DSLRs are getting so much more affordable. If you have an eCommerce site with a lot of items, or you plan on taking a lot of pictures, it m ay be a  justifiable expense.

Even if you’re not ready to take the plunge with a new camera, consider using something the VSCOCam app which will turn your smartphone into something ready to take a professional-quality photo.

Also, think about using a tripod, particularly if you have smaller products. You can use a tripod with a camera or your smartphone, and it can help make sure your pictures have the right depth of field.

Use a White Background

When you take product photos, you want the focus to be entirely on that photo, which is why you need a white background. Even what seems like a small detail such as a subtle texture in the background can take away from the impact of the image.

With a white sheet of paper or fabric, you can give yourself the perfect backdrop.

The Light

Finally, you’ve probably heard it before, but to get the best digital photos, you need the right light. Natural light is almost always best, and if you can use it, do it. Taking product pictures in natural light in the early afternoon tends to be best.

You want to keep shadows soft as well, which you can accomplish by taking pictures near a big window or going directly outside.

Adding a flash diffuser to your camera can also help soften the light and prevent unsightly hard shadows.

This might not be a full course on product photography, but these are some must-have tips that can get you started.