3 Surprising Ways to Save on The Cost of Your Summer Vacation

3 Surprising Ways to Save on The Cost of Your Summer Vacation

Are you dreaming of a summer vacation, but finding yourself feeling worried about the cost? No matter where you’re dreaming of vacationing, there’s no denying that a vacation without proper planning can sometimes cost as much as relocating without the help of Black Tie Moving Cincinnati. Luckily, with just a little bit of extra planning and the use of your creativity, you can plan the perfect summer getaway without breaking the bank! Wondering how to make this happen? Just keep reading! In this blog post, we’ll share 3 surprising ways that you can save money on the cost of your upcoming summer vacation, so that you can make unforgettable memories with your loved ones while sticking within your tight budget. 

1. Find a Vacation Package Deal

One of the easiest and most effective ways to save money on the total cost of your summer vacation is by finding a package deal that bundles the cost of both flights and hotels into one affordable, discounted price. These types of deals are often advertised in the weeks leading up to summer, so keep your eyes peeled for discounts as soon as you can, and you will be surprised by how much you’re able to save!

2. Take Advantage of Discounts

This might sound like a no-brainer for many travelers, but the truth is, taking advantage of tourism discounts often requires a bit of work in advance. No matter where you’re headed, there are a number of ways to get discounts on your summer vacation, so it pays to do a bit of research. Look for discounts at your destination, such as theme park or museum tickets. You can also check out online coupon sites for deals on attractions and activities!

3. Travel During the Offseason

No matter where you’re headed on an upcoming trip, airfare and hotel prices can be a lot cheaper during the offseason, so if you’re flexible with your vacation dates then consider traveling during the spring or fall. This can save you money, and you may even get to enjoy your destination without the crowds and other hassles of traveling during a popular holiday season.

With these 3 simple tips in mind, you can create an amazing summer vacation without going over your budget, whatever your budget may be. We hope this blog post has given you some ideas on how to save money on your upcoming summer getaway. Happy travels!

3 Ways to Save On Monthly Rent

3 Ways to Save On Monthly Rent

If you’re on the hunt for a new apartment, you might find yourself feeling stressed about the anticipated cost of monthly rent. Rent costs are at an all time high in many cities around the world, making it difficult for some people to afford a comfortable living situation. Whether you’re a college student or a high earning physician at a medical clinic like ThriveMD, there’s no denying that the rising cost of rent can be concerning. Saving money on rent each month can be difficult, but with a little planning, it is possible. Keep reading to learn a few ways to save money on monthly rent this year. 

1. Find a Roommate

This might sound like common knowledge, but if you are living alone, you are likely paying way more than you would pay to live in a bigger apartment with a roommate. Living with another person can cut the cost of your monthly rent in half, even when upgrading to a bigger apartment. If you are able to find a friend or loved one to live with, doing so can be extremely cost effective. If you don’t have a friend or family member in need of a new housing situation, you can join groups on social media sites like Facebook that can help you find like minded individuals in your area looking for housing. 

2. Look in the Off Season

What many people don’t realize is that searching for an apartment can cost more at certain times of year. For example, in the summer or early fall months when college students or recent graduates are likely to be searching for housing especially in major cities, the cost of securing an apartment as well as the monthly cost of rent is likely to be higher. If you are able to do so, searching for apartments in the winter time can help to save you a considerable amount of money. 

3. Give Up Amenities You Don’t Need

Most apartments require residents to pay additional money each month for certain amenities, most commonly including parking or access to facilities like a gym. While these amenities can be helpful, consider whether or not you really need them and what other options are available to you. If you can cut down on the cost you are paying for amenities, you can save a lot of money each month on the total cost of your rent. 

Divan bed with storage options

Divan bed with storage options

A solid, firm, and strong bed frame is essential for a decent night’s rest, as is the right sleeping bed. Divan beds, small and large, offer incredible help and are great for those that need to combine the solace of good sleep with the reasonableness of additional space. However, a characteristic impact of general mileage can be a slight drooping or “premonition” in the sides of the bed. After numerous long stretches of use, this is normal. You will need another bed, or you might have the option to fix it by rebuilding the bed.

Advantages of a Divan bed.

Picking a Divan bed improves the bed purchasing process. Pick the Divan bed you want, regardless of whether you might want to add a headboard to go with it. Every one of our headboards is viable with Divan beds.

Divan beds help liberate space in your drawers and closets as well, making them ideal for rooms where floor space is a priority. Nobody needs to know what you have with all your attire put away circumspectly under your bed!

Likewise, Divan beds are accompanied by a range of sleeping cushion choices. Furthermore, a Divan bed comes with a range of mattress options, including open coil, memory foam, or pocket sprung. Divan beds come with various storage capabilities. Here’s an overview of some popular Divan beds:

  • A two-drawer Divan bed has two integrated drawers (one on either side of the bed).
  • A 4-drawer Divan bed comes with two drawers on either side of the bed, making it an ideal purchase if you share your bed with a partner.
  • A 2+2 Divan bed has two drawers on either side, but each drawer comes in a different size. With two large drawers at the foot of the bed and two smaller drawers at the head, there is enough room to place favourite furniture pieces on the Divan drawers.

Many Divan beds also incorporate partial-fledge or opening Ottoman storage solutions. The mattress lifts from the front, or the side, to reveal a compartmentalized storage compartment inside the bed. Ottoman storage solutions may come with two regular or small storage drawers.

Alternatively, a Divan bed might come with a full-fledged or opening Ottoman storage solution, including the entire front and side-opening Ottomans.

Note: Some Divan beds may not come with an Ottoman storage solution, so you would have to buy them separately.

Selling A Home – Tips for Getting Ready to Sell

Selling A Home – Tips for Getting Ready to Sell

Selling a home can be easy when you use these tips to prepare before listing on the market.

So you have decided to sell your home. If you are like most people, selling a home can be an overwhelming experience. Here are some tips that will save you money and time and make the whole process just a little smoother.

Review and understand your mortgage

If your home is currently mortgaged, be sure to check with your lender to understand what, if any penalties or interest payments may be associated with paying off your mortgage at this time. This is a critical first step that can save you a lot of money. The last thing you want to do is get to your closing appointment and find out that you owe money due to a shortfall caused by interest penalties. For more information on mortgages, see Bedes World.

Finding a great agent

Once you understand where you will be financially when your home sale is complet,e, you will want to find an agent. If you don’t know any agents personally, then do some homework. Drive around your area and note the signs that say ‘sold’. Don’t be afraid to contact two or three agencies and interview them. Have a clear understanding of what their commissions will be if they expect to hold an open house and what expectations they have of you. A home sale is a very personal experience, so make sure you choose a realtor you like and trust.

Selling a home – preparing your house

Before a ‘for sale sign goes up in your front yard, you need to prepare your house. This is often referred to as ‘staging’ and can quickly be done at the same time you begin packing and preparing for your move. If you will be downsizing, go ahead and have a garage sale or donate any furniture that won’t be moving with you. The less furniture you have in each room, the less cluttered it will appear, and you will create the perception of larger spaces. At this time, you need to start packing personal belongings and family pictures. When potential buyers enter your home, you want them to visualize their personal belongings there. This can be difficult when they are looking at your family pictures. Kitchens and bathrooms can be a key selling feature in a home, so make sure they are spotless and de-cluttered.

Paint the interior before you list it for sale

If you are going to paint the interior of your home, be sure to select neutral colours, like those used in shabby chic home decor, see this site for inspiration. Again, the goal is for potential buyers to envision their furniture and belongings in the home, and a fresh, neutral coat of paint can accomplish this.

Make yourself and your home move ready

If possible, store moving boxes neatly in your garage or rent a storage unit. Be prepared to keep your home clean and ready for showing to potential buyers.

There is no question that having your home for sale can be a real disruption in your daily routine. The quicker your home sells, the faster your life can return to normal so take these simple steps at the beginning and happy moving!

Moving to Spain for Work

Moving to Spain for Work

There was a time when many young British people, and indeed those of other nationalities, would flock to the Spanish Costas at the beginning of the summer to look for seasonal work in bars and discotheques.

Employing foreigners as summer workers was beneficial for bar owners, as most young workers were prepared to work for low wages, as they were more interested in having a good time than making money. In most cases, business owners illegally employed workers without having official papers, which further saved the bar owners money on paperwork and taxes.

However, these days things are very different, says Juan Suarez from local firm Javea Estate Agents, and few business owners will risk employing somebody without having all the necessary paperwork in place. Fines for having an illegal worker are very high, and work inspectors regularly inspect all types of businesses, looking out for anyone who may be working without the necessary papers. This is also more beneficial for the worker. She will have the right to medical treatment and receive a payment of around €430 per month in the form of “la ayuda” if she completes a contract of at least six months and is unemployed during the low-season winter months.

The collapse of the Spanish property market led to many people losing their jobs, as not only were those in the construction industry affected, but it had a knock-on effect. Builders and labourers would no longer be eating in the local bars and restaurants or using other services, as they found themselves without jobs or income.

Therefore, if you come to Spain hoping to find a job in a shop or other small local business, it is likely that you will end up disappointed. For each vacancy, there are many applicants for unskilled employment, and as an outsider, you are unlikely to be picked over local people who have contacts in the town.

However, having said that, numerous people around the globe are now working virtually from home, and if you are able to offer skills online or start your own online business, Spain is a perfect location. This is due to the great weather, lower living costs than the UK or France, and the more laid-back atmosphere and slower lifestyle lends itself well to working flexible hours.

Alternatively, suppose you have a trade such as a qualified electrician, teacher, or carpenter. In that case, you will probably find your services are in demand in towns where there are large numbers of expats, who usually prefer to deal with somebody who can speak their language.

Another option is to teach English as a second language. Working in a school may require qualifications, but many parents and students like to hire a native to help practice speech and improve English skills, and simply speaking English as a first language is adequate to secure this type of work.

You should be aware that if you offer your services as a teacher or a handyman, you are required to register as a self-employed person, which means paying “autonomous” every month. This is a self-employed tax, and the best person to inform you about what you would legally be required to pay is a gestor. You would most likely need to retain the services of a gestor to help you with this sometimes-complicated paperwork that is involved in running a small business in Spain, working as a self-employed individual.

How to evaluate stocks in India?

How to evaluate stocks in India?

Regular evaluation of your investments is of high importance to make sure your investment is in alignment with your goals. This is especially true when it comes to stock market investments, which could be volatile at times. Let’s discuss certain factors that you can use to evaluate stocks to invest in you own.

Management of the company 

When you own a part of the company, no matter how small, its management should ideally be aligned with your financial goals and risk appetite. Hence, analysing the management of a company is critical in deciding whether you should continue investing in the company. You can also analyse the experience of the upper management and how they have handled other companies in the past. The vision and approach of the company and its management also play an important role here. You could also research whether there is any negative news regarding the company in recent times and if yes, how the upper management has handled it.

Corporate governance 

Corporate governance is an important tool that can be used to gauge the management quality of a company. It is the set of rules that are used to govern the company. A company could keep churning profits but for many investors, that is not enough. Instead, many rightly demand the company to have a balanced approach towards its shareholders, employees, customers, and investors. You could also take a look at what the company’s policy is regarding ethics, integrity and inclusion of people. Checking whether it has ever been part of any malpractices in the past is also important. Hence, a check on the corporate governance of the company is a must in deciding stocks to buy.

Financial of the company  

At the end of the day, you invest in stock market today to earn profit and for that, checking on the financials of that company is very important. You could take a look at its past performance first. While this might not always be indicative of the future, it could give you an idea about the growth potential the company has. It could also tell you how the company performed during difficult economic times.

Debts a company has also plays an important role here. If it is running in a lot of debts, it could eventually turn bad and could hurt its financials.

You could also take a look at how the company plans to take its finances forward and what its expectations are before deciding on stocks to invest in.

Peer to peer comparison 

One accurate way to know how the company has fared in the recent past is by comparing its performance with that of its peers. If a particular sector is showing growth, a company should be able to make use of that and give maximum shareholder value. If the company has failed to do so in the recent past, it may be a sign that you need to start thinking about divesting.

Deciding on what stocks to buy today requires a lot of research. Evaluating the stocks you plan to buy makes it easier for you. This step is also important in making sure the stocks you have invested in are giving you the shareholder value you deserve from your investment. Make use of the above pointers and make sure you are investing right!

Top 5 Reasons for Buying Window Shutters

Top 5 Reasons for Buying Window Shutters


Window shutters might feel like a significant investment, but they can yield fantastic results, offering additional security and privacy and bolstering curb-side appeal. Since they come in several materials and colour options, they are also excellent for homeowners who want to give their space some extra character. Whether you like classic, chateau-style wooden shutters or more modern aluminium varieties, window shutters are a popular feature and can up the value of your home.

Here we explore five reasons why you should buy window shutters.

  1. Privacy, security, and ultimate peace of mind 

Shutters can offer a fantastic element of security to any home, especially roller varieties or those with locking options. Windows are undeniably a vulnerable point in many homes, and shutters can act as an extra layer of defence against possible theft or intrusion. They are able to effortlessly amalgamate security and style, so your home retains aesthetic appeal, all the while having extra security.

Shutters are also a fabulous way to ensure privacy, as the slats can be fully closed, partially closed, or opened at your discretion. While curtains often result in that all-too-familiar gap, shutters can be completely secure if and when needed, further enhancing privacy.

With privacy and security in check, these two undeniable benefits of window shutters offer homeowners ultimate peace of mind. Shut them when you’re out of town and avoid the stress of potential prying eyes into your home.

  1. Aesthetic appeal 

Let’s be honest; many homeowners take great pride in the aesthetics of their homes. Shutters, while highly functional, are also aesthetically appealing and can really improve the curb-side appeal of a home. While some windows boast elegant design and are a focal point of a building’s exterior, others do not add much to a home’s appearance. This is where shutters can make a remarkable statement. Since they are so customisable, you can choose colours and materials that enhance your home. Whether you prefer modern finishes or the rustic appeal of wood, the world of shutters offers great diversity and styles can suit varying budgets and preferences. Explore suppliers with a range of shutters from café style designs and French varieties to sash window shutters and plantation varieties. Whether you’re looking to add shutters to a bay window, enhance your kitchen design, or enjoy the benefits of bedroom shutters, variety is key.

  1. An energy-efficient solution 

Another fantastic benefit of window shutters is their energy-efficient nature. Because they are so closely attached to windows, they serve as an excellent insulator, and in essence, they can seal in the heat or cold. Research suggests that windows cause 30% of energy loss in a home (both heating and cooling), and this can result in a greater need for heaters and air-conditioning systems.

On colder days, when cooler temperatures drop or condense around your windows, closing your shutters can help to retain heat and keep the warm air inside. This can save you on those heating bills, and in turn, yield a fantastic return on investment. In summer, you can keep the overtly hot rays at bay, and in winter, you can keep the warmer air inside. When it comes to shutter materials and their energy-efficient properties, these are good options:

– Faux wood (usually made with vinyl or PVC)

– Composite shutters made with MDF

– Wooden shutters

Those who want to retain warmer or colder air and enhance their green footprint can also opt for additional insulation solutions to bolster the retention of energy. This might include sealing gaps with household Chaulk, wooden shims, or furring strips. Your window shutter manufacturer can advise you on want insulation options will best suit your particular window shutters.

  1. Various visibility and lighting options 

Another fantastic perk of shutters is that they offer multiple visibility options. While curtains can only be opened or closed, shutters boast extra versatility. This makes window shutters a great choice if you want to look out to your garden but don’t want all the sun’s rays streaming in. It’s also a fantastic idea if you’re going to peak outside without the hassle of prying eyes looking back at you.

This also means that shutters offer a nuanced way to manage light. The solid slats in shutters allow you to choose where the light shines, and this means that you can manoeuvre the slats to get the best possible lighting for your needs. You can control the slats to manage how much sunlight your houseplants get or to determine the heating levels within your home. This is also a notable feature if you want to watch the television or work on your laptop and avoid any screen glare. These benefits also make shutters an excellent idea for home offices or places of work.

  1. Boosting the value of your property 

Shutters can ultimately enhance the value of your home. While they might seem like a pricey investment at first (and maintenance costs should be factored into the overall budget) they are known to offer a great return on investment over time. Shutters are usually a very low-maintenance addition, and most come with a sizeable warranty. This is appealing to future buyers and increase the appraisal value of a property. Since they are so energy-efficient, they are also an attractive feature and can save homeowners on electricity and energy costs down the line.

The Takeaway 

Window shutters add value and aesthetic appeal to your home, making them a popular pick for many homeowners and a great feature in the event you want to sell your home. They also offer additional privacy and security, and this results in ultimate peace of mind.

With so many styles available, the world of window shutters is an abundant one that is bound to delight.

What is your favourite style of shutter and how have they benefitted your home? We would love to hear from you!

Five reasons why investing in mutual funds for a car now is better than taking a car loan five years later

Five reasons why investing in mutual funds for a car now is better than taking a car loan five years later

Purchasing a car is one of the most considerable expenses an individual makes after buying a home. For many, purchasing a vehicle is a short-term goal, and you can opt for a car loan to meet the same. However, if you plan to buy a car five years later, you can start saving today. In this blog, we help you understand whether you should take a car loan or save for your car using mutual funds.

1. Car loans come with additional costs

All major banks in India offer car loans. Since it is secured by the car, the rate of interest is lesser than personal loans. But, other costs still exist that add up to increase the overall costs. These include processing fees, document charges, and GST.

2. You pay much more with a car loan

Many banks offer 80% to 90% of the car’s price as a loan. Thus, to buy a car, you need to pay 10% to 20% from your savings. For example, if your car’s on-road price is Rs. 15 lakhs, you need to pay Rs. 1.5 lakh or Rs. 3 lakh as a down payment.

Interest is one of the primary costs you pay over and above the principal amount of the car loan. The interest amount is calculated based on the loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure.

Let us understand this in more detail with the following example.

For your car worth Rs. 15 lakhs, you paid 10% (Rs. 1.5 lakh) as a down payment. The loan amount will be Rs. 13.5 lakh. Suppose the bank charges 8% as the interest rate and the tenure is 5 years; your monthly EMI is Rs. 27,373. Your total interest payout equals close to Rs. 2.92 lakh.

So, a car loan is quite expensive. You pay a lot more than the car’s value as interest and other charges.

3. Your car is a depreciating asset

The value of your car is depreciating. Instead of paying a particular amount as EMI every year, you can choose to invest in monthly SIP and earn returns, which can help you earn more than the principal loan amount at the end of five years.

4. Car loans do not carry any tax benefits

Car loans are categorized as bad loans. You cannot avail of any tax benefits on the same, unlike home loans and education loans. Thus, these are expensive loans.

5. Mutual funds offer superior returns

Equity mutual funds are great for achieving long-term financial goals, such as children’s education, retirement, etc. But, if you are interested in goal based investing and have five years at hand to buy your new vehicle, hybrid or debt funds are ideal for you.

In conclusion

When you have to choose between a car loan or mutual funds, the latter is always better. The Tata Capital Moneyfy App is an ideal choice for new investors. It makes you investment-ready within minutes to make the most of the goal-based investment options.

Factors that contribute to a rise and fall of gold price

Factors that contribute to a rise and fall of gold price

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, gold prices have seen a steep rise and fall. Gold price crossed the Rs. 50,000 per 10 gram mark in July 2020, and came back to around Rs. 45,000 for 10 gram a year later. As of August 10, 2021, gold price in India was Rs. 47,900 for 10 gram.

Have you ever wondered why gold price increases or decreases every day?

Many factors contribute to the fluctuation in the price of gold. Some of them are –


1. Demand and supply

As per data by World Gold Council, 30% demand for gold is driven by investments. Over the last three decades, the annual volume of gold bought by investors has increased by almost 235%. Historical data by the council has proved that when the level of income rises, so does the demand for gold. For each 1% rise in income per capita, there is a similar 1% rise in the demand for gold. On the other hand, for every 1% increase in the gold price, demand falls by 0.5%.


2. Hedge against inflation/crises

Whenever there is a rise in inflation, investors turn to gold because economies tend to become unstable and the market becomes volatile during such conditions. Gold is considered a safe investment avenue as it is not easily influenced by currency fluctuations.


3. Government’s gold reserves

If the government decides to hold its gold reserves, there would be an increased demand for gold, driving up the price.


4. Government’s import and export policies

If the government allows a higher volume of gold imports, gold gains traction and its price increases. As per a report by Business Standard, a national daily, India is the largest importer of the precious metal. If the import duties are lowered, the demand for gold increases, leading to a price rise. Conversely, if the taxes on gold import go up, the demand takes a hit.


5. Recession or economic slowdown

In an economic slowdown or recession, the household savings tend to get directed towards safe investment options like gold. Gold tends to have an inverse correlation with other market-linked securities; when such securities do not perform well, gold does and its demand rises. It causes a surge in gold prices.


6. International trade

International economic policies also affect gold prices. For example, if the interest rates on US bonds and T-bills drop, gold becomes the preferred investment avenue for many investors in the US and that could lead to higher demand, which could further increase the price of gold.

Gold is a rare metal that has traditional and cultural values attached to it. As per data by World Gold Council, gold is now more favored by investors than at any other time in history. If you are an investor looking to diversify your investment portfolio, you can opt for alternatives to physical gold like gold ETFs, Sovereign Gold Bonds and gold mutual funds. Investing in these options helps in avoiding the drawbacks associated with owning physical gold.

Based on the duration of your investment, these alternatives could offer better returns than physical gold. For instance, Sovereign Gold Bonds can offer you an additional 2.5% interest on your invested amount, which is in addition to the appreciation in gold price over time.

How to Make Your Mustang Faster

How to Make Your Mustang Faster

So, you’ve got a need for speed? Not surprising if you own the United States best-selling sports car. But how do you make your Mustang even faster?  Modifications!

There’s a ton of mustang accessories out there to try. And the best part is, you don’t have to be a professional street racer to trick out your ride.  Keep reading to learn how to snag a truly fast Mustang!


Whether you’re the proud owner of a 4.6 or a 5.0, one of the first places to upgrade the speed of your Mustang is the air intake.

The basic factory air intake is restrictive. It takes air from the engine bay, which heats fast and slows the engine down.  Solution?

Switch to a cold air intake (CAI). The oxygen-dense cold air will free up space around the engine. This will allow your horses to run free without the worry of overheating.

In short: cold air = more horsepower.  Switching to a CAI also improves airflow and throttle response. Plus it makes your intake louder.

Keep In Mind

Some cold air intakes need a tune because of their larger tubes. The tune syncs up the Mass Air Flow sensor with the new air intake to regulate the air-fuel ratio.

Not all Mustang models need the tune. Double-check before you try to make the switch yourself to avoid engine damage.


Loosen the reins of your horsepower further with a new exhaust system.  The simple switch can give your engine 2-5% more power. Every add-on increases that percentage.  And as far as car modifications go, a new exhaust system on your Mustang is by far the most fun.

You can browse your choice of mustang mods like dual exhausts, axle back kits, and headers to give your Mustang an exhaust system that roars.

Add a Larger Throttle Body

Not always a crowd favorite, as a stand-alone add-on, but something worth looking into. Especially if you grab an aftermarket exhaust system.

A larger throttle body can help you get that extra boost of horsepower. The bigger the throttle, the more air that can pass into the engine.

Coupled with a new exhaust system, saddle up your ponies, and watch your engine power increase up to 25 hp!

Supercharge It

If you want to get ahead of the competition, install a supercharger.  A cold air intake, exhaust, and throttle body will get the job done. But a supercharger is an all-around package that all modified Mustangs should have.  It’s the best car mod for America’s favorite sports car.

A supercharger increases intake by compressing air without creating a vacuum. The energy comes by using a belt or chain drive that connects to the engine’s crankshaft.

Supercharging your Mustang adds over 45% more horsepower, even in high-altitude situations.

Get a Fast Mustang With the Right Mods

There are tons of Mustang accessories for performance enhancements that’ll give you a fast Mustang!

From headers, air intake adjustments, and throttle spacers you can transform your Mustang into a speed demon and bring home the gold, without breaking the bank!  Get started and turn your pony into a stallion!  Keep tabs on our blog for more motoring advice!