Most Expensive Belts for Men

A belt is considered to be a must-have fashion accessory for men. In fact, a man must complete his look with a matching belt always.

You will be able to find belts in different types and colours, and from different brands. Below, we share the most expensive belts for men that you can buy using your jokaroom casino online jackpot winnings. Enjoy!

1. Republica Fashion`s Gucci 30 Carat Diamond

There is no denying the fact that Gucci is one of the most popular fashion brands worldwide. Gucci has supplied some of the best and most expensive fashion items to both men and women for decades.

We are sure that you also know that its clothing items are a bit pricey as compared to others. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that it has the most expensive belt for men.In oder to afford that you must play  high roller casinos games and stand a chance to win big cash prixes

This belt costs $249,000, and is made from 30 carat diamond. It is very elegant and beautiful to look at, making it a masterpiece. Unfortunately, it comes in a limited number so not everyone can own it.

2. Roland Iten Calibre R822

For $84,000, you can make away with this 14 carat diamond belt. Roland worked in conjunction with Bugatti in order to come up with this pricey belt.

This belt, which is made with pure steel, and comes with hints of rose gold, is very luxurious.

3. Selfridges & Co Gold Belt

This belt comes in third, and you can get it for $32,000. The belt is a beauty to look at as it is very luxurious. What makes it stand out is the fact that its buckle is made up of pure gold. Not only that, but you will find that the belt is only made out of pure leather. Because of that, it features an enhanced look that makes it stick out from the rest.