Clearabee offers tips on how to reduce rubbish removal by decreasing the amount of clothing you add into the landfill

Fast fashion is affordable and interesting style-wise but comes with its share of drawbacks. According to statistics, 2016 saw an increase of 200,000 tonnes of the volume of clothing bought in the UK although the amount being sent to the landfill decreased by 14% the same year. Nonetheless, a quarter of the clothing bought annually is binned instead of being recycled.

This high volume of discarded clothing contributes to adverse climate changes. Moreover, the cleaning and laundry processes increase carbon emission, wastewater, and the use of electric power, something that increases household footprint significantly. In fact, while 2012 recorded 24 million tonnes of global and territorial emissions, 2016 saw an increase of the footprint up to 26.2 million tonnes. This increased the carbon footprint significantly over the years hence the need to take measures to reduce it.

Below are several effective ways to reduce the amount of clothing going into our landfills through rubbish removal!

  1. Swap those old clothes

When you go through your wardrobe, you are likely to come across clothes that you know you’ll not be wearing any longer. Most people end up throwing such clothes out as rubbish not aware that they cause a major environmental problem as pollutants. Moreover, these clothes are made from materials like nylon and plastics that emit greenhouse gases and toxins when disposed of. To avoid the potential impact that clothing rubbish removal could have, consider swapping those old clothes with your friends and family. Each one will walk away with great clothes for a wardrobe change without actually getting rid of them.

  1. Generate some money for new clothes

What you consider rubbish will be a treasure for someone else! Reselling your old clothes through online storefronts like eBay or the neighbourhood consignment store will go a long way in cleaning out your wardrobe while earning you some money to pay for new ones. You don’t have to add to the landfill with clothes you think are too old fashioned for you. Since there are many people in the market, there is a chance that someone else will find your used clothes trendy and likable.

  1. Explore the charity organizations near you

According to a research by Greenpeace, 95% of all clothes thrown out as rubbish can be reused or recycled. As such, instead of adding to the environmental pollution problem that’s making climate change more threatening, why not donate the old clothes? There are many charity organizations that could get your old clothes to people that need them the most.

  1. Consider refashioning

The internet has created a pathway to interesting online sites like Pinterest and blogs run by designers and influencers. Here, you will find numerous fashion tips on how to come up with creative designs. For instance, you can readily recreate your old t-shirt into a classy top. There are plenty of fresh ideas you can use to make new clothes out of your old ones.

  1. Re-use

You can reuse most of your old clothes rather than tossing them to the dustbin for rubbish removal. You can quickly turn that old skirt into an apron and that faded t-shirt can be your pyjamas. If you have a ripped cloth made of cotton, you could use it to clean various household appliances. An old sweater can also make a good rag.

So, do you have other tips on how to reduce the amount of clothing that is adding to the landfills through rubbish removal? If you do, share with us today and help Clearabee in its quest to promote a greener planet!

Clearabee is a waste management company that specialises in rubbish removal to help you keep your household clean while protecting the environment against pollution. Our highly professional services have earned us a top position since we divert an estimated 90% of the rubbish we collect from the landfills. This eliminates some of the causes of global warming and contributes to the preservation of our ecosystems.