How to Make Your Mustang Faster

So, you’ve got a need for speed? Not surprising if you own the United States best-selling sports car. But how do you make your Mustang even faster?  Modifications!

There’s a ton of mustang accessories out there to try. And the best part is, you don’t have to be a professional street racer to trick out your ride.  Keep reading to learn how to snag a truly fast Mustang!


Whether you’re the proud owner of a 4.6 or a 5.0, one of the first places to upgrade the speed of your Mustang is the air intake.

The basic factory air intake is restrictive. It takes air from the engine bay, which heats fast and slows the engine down.  Solution?

Switch to a cold air intake (CAI). The oxygen-dense cold air will free up space around the engine. This will allow your horses to run free without the worry of overheating.

In short: cold air = more horsepower.  Switching to a CAI also improves airflow and throttle response. Plus it makes your intake louder.

Keep In Mind

Some cold air intakes need a tune because of their larger tubes. The tune syncs up the Mass Air Flow sensor with the new air intake to regulate the air-fuel ratio.

Not all Mustang models need the tune. Double-check before you try to make the switch yourself to avoid engine damage.


Loosen the reins of your horsepower further with a new exhaust system.  The simple switch can give your engine 2-5% more power. Every add-on increases that percentage.  And as far as car modifications go, a new exhaust system on your Mustang is by far the most fun.

You can browse your choice of mustang mods like dual exhausts, axle back kits, and headers to give your Mustang an exhaust system that roars.

Add a Larger Throttle Body

Not always a crowd favorite, as a stand-alone add-on, but something worth looking into. Especially if you grab an aftermarket exhaust system.

A larger throttle body can help you get that extra boost of horsepower. The bigger the throttle, the more air that can pass into the engine.

Coupled with a new exhaust system, saddle up your ponies, and watch your engine power increase up to 25 hp!

Supercharge It

If you want to get ahead of the competition, install a supercharger.  A cold air intake, exhaust, and throttle body will get the job done. But a supercharger is an all-around package that all modified Mustangs should have.  It’s the best car mod for America’s favorite sports car.

A supercharger increases intake by compressing air without creating a vacuum. The energy comes by using a belt or chain drive that connects to the engine’s crankshaft.

Supercharging your Mustang adds over 45% more horsepower, even in high-altitude situations.

Get a Fast Mustang With the Right Mods

There are tons of Mustang accessories for performance enhancements that’ll give you a fast Mustang!

From headers, air intake adjustments, and throttle spacers you can transform your Mustang into a speed demon and bring home the gold, without breaking the bank!  Get started and turn your pony into a stallion!  Keep tabs on our blog for more motoring advice!