Performance and Affordability: How Ford Delivers All You Need

Many aspects of daily life keep getting more expensive. When it comes to transportation, the cost of gas, parking, insurance are all rising — to help get a break from the squeeze, it’s important to find an affordable way to buy a vehicle in the first place.

No two people have exactly the same needs or budget, yet Ford has a wide enough variety of models that are priced to go to satisfy everyone. Whether you need a peppy sports car or a rugged truck that can get the job done, let’s look at some different paths you can take to find a vehicle that you’ll love to drive for a price you’ll love even more.

Ford Mustang

Driving Ford’s classic muscle car is a sure way to have a lot fun in great style. The Mustang has provided a bold way to enjoy the freedom of the open road for decades. New 2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoosts come with an EcoBoost 2.3L I-4 310hp intercooled turbo engine and 6-speed annual transmission with overdrive. You’ll love the kick this gives you on downtown streets and highways alike.

If you’re wondering how a Ford lease could fit in your finances you have to come down to the dealership and speak to them in person — they are usually happy to sit with you and work out a path for leasing or financing that fits your budget.

It’s best to find a family-run dealership that has been in business for decades. These are signs that the service is friendly and the business is reliable. They should offer a wide selection in new and pre-owned cars. Aside from sales, their ability to fully service and repair cars or trucks indicates that they’re true car experts.

The Ubiquitous F-150

North America’s most popular truck comes in a wide range of options in terms of engines and add-ons. Whichever you choose, you’re going to have a truck that delivers on horsepower, torque, and even comfort. No matter how you choose to customize your F-150, you’re going to get a truck that can handle the toughest jobs.

While trucks are often thought of in terms of their ruggedness, the Ford F-150 is a comfortable car to drive and be driven in. Whether you’re hauling a load or eating lunch on the job during a break, Ford knows that you spend hours every day inside your truck.

Whether you need the truck for professional purposes or you need a highly functional vehicle for practical reasons, a savvy shopper always looks for the most affordable option. Speak to your dealer about financing options. They should present you with flexible options for payment no matter what, even if you have poor credit.

Ford was once synonymous with North American innovation around the world when it produced the Ford Model T, and today it still offers cutting-edge cars and trucks that deliver on everything they promise — performance and affordability.