3 Things to Look for in a Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Platform

It’s no secret that for any new cannabis producer looking to set up shop in Canada, the challenges are not insignificant.

Canada’s cannabis sector is a thriving and dynamic area for investment, but in order to producers to stay compliant with the Cannabis Act, they need to track just about every aspect of their operation and report regularly to government oversight bodies.

To make these logistical difficulties more manageable, most cannabis producers are turning to sophisticated seed-to-sale software platforms that can help them streamline their business while guaranteeing compliance.

And for producers looking for a new seed-to-sale platform, the three most important things to consider are, without a doubt, convenience, security, and integration.

1. Convenience

Convenience is at the heart of any seed-to-sale platform. A seed-to-sale platform is designed to use high tech tools to track the growth of each and every cannabis leaf so that all product is accounted for and traceable, and this means ease-of-use should be the number one concern when considering new seed-to-sale platforms.

But as anyone who has wanted to learn more about the latest software has no doubt discovered, convenience is all about finding a platform designed to work within a particular regulatory framework.

Every jurisdiction that has made cannabis legal for medical or recreational use has done so in slightly different ways, and requires slightly different kinds of information from producers. This means that if you want a seed-to-sale platform that will offer as frictionless a reporting process as possible, it needs to be optimized for your legal framework.

2. Security

Cannabis producers need to keep track of large amounts of data, and they also need to make sure that data is accessible. But in an age of high profile data breaches, this raises major security concerns.

A seed-to-sale platform needs to take digital security seriously, and should be able to ensure that every bite of information is protected from third party hackers. This isn’t just about protecting your business — it is also about protecting the businesses and customers you work with.

Before you adopt a new seed-to-sale platform, be sure to get a detailed explanation of exactly what precautions the cannabis platform is taking to keep your data safe.

3. Integration

When choosing software, producers shouldn’t just ask how it will help them stay compliant; they should also find out whether it will help them build a more integrated and responsive business.

A seed-to-sale platform that offers integrated solutions that help producers not only stay compliant with regulations, but also make it easier to sign up medical cannabis patients, manage inventory, and handle product recalls, is a twenty-first century software solution that will give them an edge over the competition.

In areas where it has been made legal for medical or recreational use, cannabis production is a truly exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to build vibrant businesses.

But building a successful cannabis production company means having the right tools, and no tool is more important than a good seed-to-sale platform. Make sure your seed-to-sale platform offers the convenience, security, and integration you need to thrive.