Being Smart in Sports Betting: How to Beat the Odds

There are those who claim that betting – any kind of betting – may be fun, but not lucrative in the long run. If those naysayers have gambling games such as roulette or dice games in mind, then they are probably right; statistics prove it. If, however, they mean placing wagers on sports, then they are sorely mistaken. There are some tried and tested methods to increase your funds in the long run –just ask the experts.

Why is this so? Because sports have certain mechanics, and unlike with dice or roulette, you have a decision to make; there’s a lot of strategy involved, as trusted bookmakers like Betway will tell you (incidentally, you’ll find a review of Betway here). Are you still in doubt? Then this one’s for you. Here’s how to be smart in sports betting and beat the odds.

Find the good deals

You have to learn how to spot good deals – it’s kind of like looking for good stocks on the stock market. Just because the odds are against a certain team doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal; the potential payout may be completely disproportional to the risk you are taking. A small bet on an underdog, for example, could potentially win a lot more than you ever thought possible. It’s a matter of understanding the odds and taking calculated risks. Create a portfolio and a spread.

Don’t follow the crowd

There are two reasons why you should never blindly follow the crowd. First of all, the common sense of the masses is generally disappointing – it’s only correct when it was an obvious pick. Secondly, following the crowd will ensure you have very little benefit when it comes to return on investment. You might be right in your choice, but your winnings will be poor. You can do better than that.

Manage your money

Never bet with any money that you could possibly need in the future – it’s not wise. Have a good bankroll going and manage your money well.

Be disciplined

Betting on sports is a matter of discipline – without it, you are guaranteed to lose in the long run. By having a system in place (and the discipline to stick to your system), long-term profit is much more likely.


Take notes. Study. Improve yourself. If it’s worth your money, it’s worth your time.

There’s one more thing that should be mentioned – and it’s an important issue if you want to take sports betting seriously. Whilst bookmakers are often incredibly good at what they do, they hardly agree amongst themselves about what odds to give certain teams and certain matches or games. Don’t stick with just one bookmaker because you like them – treat it like a business and be selective. And lastly: never forget to have lots of fun.

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