Combining Yoga Class Online And Quality Time Spent With Pets is Possible with Glo

What Exactly is Yoga?

According to the Mayo Clinic (September 12, 2019), yoga is ‘a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or relaxation.’ It has been demonstrated in a number of studies to provide benefits in terms of stress reduction, improvements to physical fitness, and conditioning and helping to eliminate or minimize the effects and risks for certain chronic conditions such as anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, and insomnia.

Pets, Stress Reduction and Yoga

In an article published by the US Government’s Center for Disease Control, many of the above benefits of yoga are the same as those that can be found in owning a pet. As such, pet ownership and yoga have something in common- both practicing yoga and owning a pet are great ways to reduce stress and anxiety and bring feelings of wellbeing and peace into one’s life. There are many ways one can begin to practice yoga, and one platform that combines high-quality yoga instruction with the possibility for including one’s pets is the yoga website and app called Glo.

What Exactly is Glo?

Glo is a yoga and meditation platform that can be accessed via their website or app. it is basically a yoga class online. Glo’s manifesto states that its vision is ‘a world in which we all live our true potential,’ and that the mission is to ‘create intelligent tools which challenge people to live a fulfilling life.’ On the Glo website and app, there are hundreds of lessons to choose from, ranging from beginners’ yoga to more challenging routines. There are also a variety of resources for meditation and pilates, as well as a diverse community of students that can be found across Glo’s social media platforms.

Why Choose Glo?

As a way to take a yoga class online, Glo offers a tremendous amount of flexibility to users; it combines the convenience of yoga routines that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, via the Glo website or app, with high-quality, professional videos made by instructors with years of experience.

Most yoga instructors and studios cannot cater to students who wish to bring their pets along with them; this is not an issue if one instead takes classes with Glo, however, as a yoga class online can be completed in the comfort of one’s own home. Pets will be comfortable, as they will be home, and you will still get the benefits.

Glo offers a far greater range of instructors and styles of yoga and meditation that can be found at any one studio, and the video format means that lessons can be paused, rewound and watched as many times at the student feels is necessary. A subscription to Glo is also far cheaper than a membership at the average yoga studio, and is also more accessible and diverse, given the range of content that Glo offers. Finally, it is possible to sign up for and cancel a membership to Glo at any time, while many studios tend to be less flexible, often requiring that students sign up for a minimum period of a few months. If you are looking for a yoga class online, choose Glo.