Concentrated cannabis oil is a popular product in dispensaries across California. Some producers are embracing the concept of combining high-grade cannabis with virgin cannabis oil. That gives a far superior and much better tasting product, as well as more bang for your buck.

When fusing cannabis extract with extra virgin flower oil, you get a much better product. You also get a lot better taste. The secret is the extraction method, which does away with chemicals. Instead, it uses CO2 gas to extract the cannabis compound. That gets infused with the extra virgin oil, which creates a pure-tasting inhale when vaping. You can use the oil with conventional flower, but the vaping experience does a much better job of preventing lung damage via smoke inhalation. Here is a closer look at how it works.

Closed-Loop CO2 Extraction

The extraction process used to produce the best quality cannabis oil relies on CO2 extraction. Instead of using heavily processed, lower grade cannabis, high-grade flower with true potency and outstanding flavor gets used. You get maximized terpenes, combined with outstanding flavor. Producers that use low-quality cannabis to maximize profits wind up heavily processing the final cannabis oil product. That means you get a lot of nasty chemical flavor that can make it taste like you are inhaling propane or some similar gas. Closed-loop CO2 extraction, though, uses only a very low amount of gas to extract the oil with the purest flavor. When combined with extra virgin oil, you get a honey-like product that tastes, smokes and vapes like no other.

Purest Ingredients for Best Oil

When using extra virgin oil and the high-grade cannabis, the extraction process becomes much simpler. That means no use of chemicals to extract all the THC – so no chemical taste when smoking or vaping. The extra virgin oil, likewise, requires less processing than the cheaper counterparts many producers use. Ultimately, the difference is whether or not the producer is trying to maximize profits – or trying to produce the best possible experience when smoking or vaping. The purest ingredients equal the best vaping or smoking experience – and less damage to your lungs. Heavily processed cannabis oil can damage lungs and leave residual traces of the chemicals used to process it. Lowell Farms cannabis is from organic and sustainably grown cannabis.

Enjoy a Relaxing Experience in West Hollywood

Lowell Cafe is opening this month in West Hollywood and is the nation’s first licensed cannabis café and restaurant. You get the best of both worlds when you want to enjoy great food, and a great-tasting cannabis product. They provide only the best flower, cannabis oil and other vaping and smoking products. They are also the first café in California to provide the cannabis experience while dining or simply out having a stroll on one of the world’s most famous streets. That makes it a must-see for any true connoisseur of fine cannabis products.