Using Cannabis Oil: Tips on How to Get Started

Cannabis oil can have some potential health benefits, but more needs to be done to learn about those benefits. There are very few cold hard facts about oils, but we do have studies about potential health benefits. These studies have researched the efficacy of cannabis-derived compounds and their effects on a variety of conditions. Inflammation, depression, anxiety, and epilepsy are just a few of the conditions subject to intense study. But what if you don’t have any condition?

The health benefits of CBD could go beyond symptom relief for certain conditions. Cannabinoids and terpenoids in the cannabis plant react with our bodies in ways researchers are still discovering. So, check out these tips for adding cannabis oil to your life. This article is not intended to imply that cannabis oil can treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult with your physician before starting any new regimen.

Start Small & Experiment

For those who have never consumed cannabis before, you should start with a small dose. Everyone experiences the effects of cannabinoids differently. Even different cannabis oils can make you feel differently depending on the strain from which it is derived. Cannabis oil users who are vaping should start with small inhales and wait a few minutes to feel the effects. RSO users should start with a rice grain-sized drop at first. Increase the intake of cannabis oil slowly to help your body grow accustomed to the effects.

Oral Ingestion

If you’re new to cannabis oil the best place to start is taking it orally. Pills and capsules make it easy to receive the right dose each time. Dosage and having a consistent concentration are important. You’ll probably need to experiment to find the right dosage for you. Softgel capsules can take up to 45 minutes to hit your system, but the effects last for several hours. Cannabis oil tinctures are also a popular oral method of consumption. These tinctures are placed sublingually or dropped into food. Tincture dosing is also easy to dose, but it works faster than consuming a pill.

Consume After Eating

You should always consume your cannabis oil after you’ve eaten a meal. This helps avoid any nausea that may arise from tinctures or a softgel. Sometimes the oil can be hidden in a meal to help mask the taste, especially for tinctures. Give your body time to digest both the food and your cannabis oil. It can take up to 45 minutes for the effects of cannabis oil to be felt when you take it orally.

Feel Unsettled? Drink Ginger Tea

If you do happen to have some nausea from the oil, have ginger tea on hand. Ginger is a natural suppressor of nausea and can settle an upset stomach in just a few minutes.

Are Topicals Worth It?

While oral products are the most popular way to consume cannabis oil, topicals do help. Topicals are mainly for addressing inflammation and pain management for joints and muscles. Those who have arthritis may find CBD lotions and topicals particularly beneficial.