Vaping and Oral Health: Can Vaping Stain Your Teeth?

For sure, many people know that smoking stains your teeth due to the presence of tar. Generally, this is not the case with vaping since it does not contain tar. If you are wondering why many people are switching from smoking to vaping, avoiding stained teeth and yellowing fingers is on top of the list.

However, vaping can still stain your teeth and put your oral health at risk depending on the type of ingredients used in the e-juice. This is why vapers must know all the ingredients in an e-juice before they start using it.

Instances Where E-Juice Can Stain Your Teeth

Presence of tar – There are many types of e-juice that use tobacco as part of their ingredients. In such a case, there could be traces of tobacco that can stain your teeth after frequent vaping. Usually, this e-juice is used by people who still crave traditional cigarettes even after switching. If you want to steer away from this con of vaping tobacco, start using other types of e-juice.

E-juice with color or dye – Vape juice uses PG and VG as its base. Other ingredients vary depending on the type, and they may include flavor and color. The latter can contribute to staining your teeth especially if the color is from acidic sources. If you realize such a challenge, it is recommended to explore other e-juice options without this risk. Ask experts to guide you on the best e-juice when buying e cigarette wholesale.

Other Oral Risks of Vaping

Some dentists and experts agree that nicotine very slightly contributes to the staining of teeth and some other oral challenges. The major one is that it might mildly decrease blood flow. As a result of this, you can develop problems with the gums.

Also, mouth dryness might be a challenge, but this depends on the types of e-juice that you use. More acidic e-juice is not good because these have more cons for your mouth and airways. Doctors recommend the use of e-juice with a balanced pH.

Proper Use of Vape Devices for Oral Health

Vapers inhale vapor through a mouthpiece. This component should be smooth and always sterilized to avoid problems with your mouth and throat. Unfortunately, there are infections that can be transmitted by using a dirty mouthpiece if one is not careful. Also, the mouthpiece can bruise your lips, gums, and tongue if it is not smooth or if it is sharp.

Fortunately, most vape devices have met safety standards that have been set by consumer protection authorities. If you choose one well, you will only be left with the refillable e-juice to worry about. For the best e-juice that will not stain your teeth or harm your mouth, always check the ingredients on the bottle or website and make your decisions carefully.


Generally speaking, vaping does not put your teeth at risk of staining. But still, you have to observe all the precautions as guided by this article.