How To Turn Your Business Idea Into Successful Reality

How To Turn Your Business Idea Into Successful Reality

As a business owner I am frequently asked how someone can turn their acorn of an idea into a great success. Usually insinuations such as these I will refer them to my friend Chase Rubin, a far more successful businessman than I am and someone who loves nothing more than a challenge. On the few occasions that I do sit down with someone, I am always surprised to hear that shortly afterwards, they have decided that the world of business is not for them, and they have let their idea go. This must happen each and every day and it makes me sad to think that so many great ideas end up in the graveyard. If you ever stumble upon an idea which you think could become a success then here is what you need to do.

Attitude Adjustment

When you first have the idea you will sense excitement, shortly afterwards you will hear a number of voices in your heading telling you why it will be impossible for you to turn your idea into a business. This is not your own voices but the voices of those around you who you think will meet you with negativity. In order to turn that idea into a business, you should list the reasons which your head has told you as to why you cannot make this business work. Once you have this list, it is time to start finding the answers as to why they are wrong.

Business Plan

Once you have the answers to the doubts which you had, it is time to start formulating a business plan. This model should involve how you will make your product, how you will market it, who you will sell it to and how much money each unit will cost and make by way of profit. The ideas don’t have to be perfect and there is a lot of business help out there for you.

Finding Funding

Every business needs the sufficient funding to get it off the ground and once you have an idea for how you you will operate the business, it is time to go and look for some funding. The first place to start is the bank, they regularly offer business loans to start ups and they will not only help you financially but they will give you a business specialist who can walk you through your early stages in business.

Go Ahead And Do It

You could spend weeks, months, even years trying to work hard on preventing any problems which may occur in your business but this will only be time lost. The best approach once you have a business model and funding in place is to just go ahead and do it. Much of business is learned on the job and once you have put yourself out there in the market, you will find that you learn pretty quickly, lose the fear and go in with both feet!

Example on How to Make Money and Enjoy Life

Example on How to Make Money and Enjoy Life

What are you are pursuing in your life? Is it happiness, money, success, fame, power? For each person this answer will be different but one thing that the large majority of us can definitely agree on is that we are all seeking for a happy life.

We are spending some time on focussing on a wide variety of people who have managed to achieve the happy life which many of us are looking for and the various stories which we hear serve to further inspire us all to achieve our dreams and live that happy lifestyle, whatever it means to you. Today we are going to look at the life of Bennett Kireker New York City salesman who is living out his comfortable life on the Californian coast. Let’s take a look where he came from, how he earns his money and what he does to relax and enjoy himself.


Having always had a passion for the agriculture industry, Kireker would go on to study agribusiness in college before deciding that this would be the future for him. Starting out in a small way, the young Kireker began growing and selling organic vegetables from a small garden. The produce would be sold to local restaurants and diners and the profits began to come in. Following this first agricultural venture, Bennett saw the demand and potential for profit in the farming equipment industry and began his own business with a friend of his, selling equipment on a local basis. The equipment sales were a roaring success and so Bennett decided to go national with his business.

Pismo Beach

Following the success of the farming equipment business, Kireker moved himself and his company down to Pismo Beach, California, a place which Bennett himself fell in love with. He runs the business for just a few hours per day from his headquarters in California and spends the rest of us time enjoying the California sunshine, safe in the knowledge that he has created a business which has a strong foundation and requires little input from himself. Kirker’s passion for farming can thrive in the agricultural hotbed of California and it is here that he plans on staying.

Taking the Load Off

When we asked how Kireker likes to spend his time, his description of how he relaxes is enough to make anyone inspired. Aside from enjoying the California lifestyle in Pismo Beach with its proximity to San Francisco and L.A. he also enjoys hand gliding on weekends and allows his inner geek to come out on a nightly basis with some VR gaming, the technology of which is improving each and every day. Despite enjoying the beach scene, Bennett also loves nothing more than a trip up to New York, be it for business or pleasure, and always makes sure that he catches at least a game or two at the home of the New York Jets.

Kireker’s career shows just what you can achieve if you work hard on something you love, and what the rewards are at the end of it.