What A Trusted Chemical Supplier Can Bring To The Table

What A Trusted Chemical Supplier Can Bring To The Table

If your business is a part of the coatings, construction, mining, energy or water treatment industry in Canada, you will likely need chemical materials to complete your products and processes. The best course of action for businesses in any one of these industries is to turn to a large supplier to get their essential chemical solutions. If you are unsure about entrusting a large supplier as your major chemical resource, here is a list of four reasons why they will be a worthwhile choice.

1. They Have Years of Industry Experience

Businesses should search for large chemical suppliers with years of industry experience behind them. Their longevity is proof that they can manage to thrive in a competitive field and that they have succeeded in adapting to market changes and customer demands. An example of an experienced supplier is CCC Chemicals — the company has been working and growing for almost a century, after being built in 1920. Their tenacity has led them to become one of the largest independent distributors in Canada and the tenth largest independent distributor in all of North America.


 2. They Have Created A Diverse Portfolio

If you need a lot of chemical materials for your products or processes, you should invest in an advanced chemical supplier for your business needs — instead of searching for an individual resource for each chemical material, a supplier will carry multiple options under one roof. A company like CCC Chemicals carries chemical solutions sourced from innovative distributors from all across the world. By prioritizing the technique of global sourcing, the company has created an impressive portfolio for customers who want the best options on the market.

 3. They Offer Unique Customer Services

A large chemical supplier will do much more than offer professional advice — they will go above and beyond to make sure that their customers feel appreciated. One example of this type of customer service is custom chemical blending and packaging in standardized facilities. The customer can give specific formulations for the blend and the supplier will follow those exact instructions — this formula will be protected under a Non-Disclosure Agreement for confidentiality purposes.

 4. They Commit To Responsible Distribution

Since larger suppliers typically have more partners and customers, they have a greater responsibility to ensure that all of their business relationships are positive and rewarding. They will commit to Responsible Care and Responsible Distribution within the chemical industry, which means that the company prioritizes the safety, legality and environmental impact of their practices. Signing on to organizations like Responsible Distribution Canada shows just how much a supplier values creating a respectable and wholesome experience for their customers, partners and affiliates.

A large chemical supplier can provide a lot more than materials for your business to use for products and processes. They can offer years of industry experience, a diverse globally-sourced portfolio and unique customer service options. If those benefits are not enough, they are committed to the responsible distribution of their solutions and the responsible care of their customers so that you feel like your patronage is worthwhile.