What You Should Look For in the Perfect Online Program

What You Should Look For in the Perfect Online Program

Online degrees are fast growing in popularity because of the many advantages they offer. However, not all online colleges are created equal and many people end up with diplomas with little or no value as a result. But there are some tips that you can follow to make sure that you have a valuable diploma in your hands that will be accepted by most reputable organizations. In this article, we’re going to show you what you should be looking for in an online college.

How Long has the College been Established for

A large portion of online programs are established by colleges that are decades old and in some cases more than a century old. In these cases, the reputation of your diploma is backed by the institution and it usually has the same level of recognition as their brick and mortar diplomas. However, if you’re dealing with a newly established college, you have to check their partnerships and reputation in the educational community, and among employers and alumni. This will be the best way to gauge whether they are respected or not.

Is the University Accredited

Accreditation is perhaps the most important aspect of enrolling in any online program. Accreditation more or less works as an insurance policy that ensures the legitimacy of your education. Most reputable institutions will not honor a diploma from an unaccredited institution, especially when it comes to sectors such as healthcare for instance. Online MHA degrees are a dime a dozen, but even if you’re enrolled in the best online MHA program around, the chances of it being honored by a reputable healthcare facility are slim to none.

Does it Offer Transfer Credits

One of the first things you should be looking for when choosing an online program is if it offers a direct graduation route. This is the best way to keep your level of student debt to a minimum and increase your odds of obtaining your diploma on time. Online institutions that allow you to transfer your credits will usually be more likely to offer a direct path to graduation.

Will the Program help you Actually Secure a Position?

One of the major mistakes people make when enrolling for any program is piling up a ton of useless credits that will get them nowhere when trying to secure a position in their particular field. Before you enroll in any college, make sure you get a degree plan first. You should also check placement rates and employment rates of students in your field. Check the value of your degree among prospective employers as well to make sure that the diploma will open doors for you once you get out


Finding a great online program is a pretty straightforward process when you know how to go about it. Before you decide to go for a particular college, make sure that they are accredited first and foremost. Also, make sure that it has a solid reputation in the educational community, with employers and alumni. Make sure that the college you choose to go through offers a direct path to graduation and also make sure that the program you choose will actually be able to realistically land you a position once you graduate.

How to support your college sports team

How to support your college sports team

Watching your varsity team play other colleges is one of the most exhilarating aspects of the college experience.

Peter Benedict St Andrews knows this all too well, as he spent countless hours cheering his alma mater on to victory.

As an alumni, he still does, adding a richness to his life that others could desperately use. Want to support your college sports team with pride? Here’s how to get it done:

1) Wear their colors on game day

The best part of the college sports experience is the anticipation that game day brings. The second you get out of bed, slip on the shirt or sweater of your team so you can show it off wherever you go.

If you don’t have an official shirt, sweater, or jersey on you (if it’s in the laundry because you wear it too much, that’s totally cool), wear something that matches the colors that your team wears.

This way, you and others around town who also support the team will be in solidarity as game time approaches.

2) Host a tailgate party

Not able to get tickets to the game, but don’t want to quietly watch the game at home like a schlub? Gather up the coolers and the grill, and get thee to the venue parking lot.

To be honest, be sure to read up on the rules surrounding this, as open consumption may not be allowed where you live.

However, if there are other parties in open view, you should be good to go, so long as you don’t make any trouble.

Invite all your friends along, but don’t be afraid to mingle and meet other compatriots as they watch the game from their own compounds.

Indeed, the best part of tailgating is the shared experience of burgers, beers, and watching your team kick some butt.

3) Bring noisemakers to the game (and use them)

If you manage to get into the game, don’t just sit there with your hands folded like the corporate suits do.

Make some noise to support your team. Again, make sure there is no ordinance against noisemakers, as we wouldn’t want to see you get escorted out of the building.

If you are good to go, bring inflatable thunder sticks, cowbells, a healthy set of lungs – whatever will get your team pumped up and the opposition off their game.

4) Start cheers (or the wave)

As a corollary to the above point, involve your fellow fans in the fun. Whether you choose to go with a simple ‘Let’s go [team]!’, or choose to invent a more creative cheer or taunt, what you start can spread across the arena and impact the game in ways you can’t imagine.

If you are with friends, start the wave with them – when you have a group doing it with you, the rest of the arena/stadium is more apt to join in, creating a fun time for everyone.

Athletes in arenas with an active crowd often fete them as the extra player on their bench, so if the atmosphere where you are watching isn’t up to snuff, do something about it.