Apparao Mukkamala Looks at the New Fantasy Cricket Craze

Apparao Mukkamala Looks at the New Fantasy Cricket Craze

Fantasy sports are something that many people, including Apparao Mukkamala, are very interested in. The world of interactive gaming is growing rapidly and continuously, and new sports are added very often. Around the world, millions of people now take part in these sports, and this means that the sports industry and the gaming business are also working together to ensure more people are able to play and stay interested. One of the latest developments, therefore, is that of fantasy cricket.

Fantasy Sports Defined According to Apparao Mukkamala

In fantasy sports, people can compete in a virtual reality, taking part whenever and from wherever they want to. This is both fun and social at the same time. People who love sports can congregate within the world of the sport together, not just following the existing team, but creating their own dream teams as well. And, for many, this is a serious sport, with people regularly advising others on how to create true dream teams. In fact, it is now even possible to bet on fantasy sports!

Fantasy Cricket

In fantasy cricket, each player is able to create a team that they feel win, using avatars of people within the tournament itself. They then enroll in a live tournament or other such series, and start to play. Everybody starts on an even footing but, as the game progresses, performance is taken into consideration and the avatars are changed to reflect past performances.

It is becoming increasingly common for groups of friends to create entire leagues for fantasy cricket. Some of those have even obtained a global reach. Essentially, the league administrator is able to set up an event, and members can then participate. Usually, this works on a “draft” basis. This means that everybody gets to indicate who their favorite players are on a “wish list” and, if any of those players are mentioned in two or more different teams, they are drafted instead of chosen. This means that the computer’s algorithm gets to decided where they are laced. The concept of wish lists is a very serious one, as the one who posts their first could manipulate others to change their different players in response to that particular hand.

One of the greatest things about fantasy cricket, however, is that you don’t have to be an expert in order to play it or enjoy it. You don’t even have to know how to play real cricket before you join. Instead, all you need to have, is a love of the sport and a desire to spend time together with likeminded friends and individuals. Doing so will not just give you a lot of knowledge, it will also ensure that you increase your existing sports knowledge, which is always handy should you find yourself with an actual quiz to complete.

Fantasy cricket is a lot of fun and more and more leagues are being created. If you are interested in it, then the suggestion is to first identify a league that you want to be part of, and move on from there.