Boost Your Cocktail With This One Frosty Ingredient

Boost Your Cocktail With This One Frosty Ingredient

Put a twist on your regular cocktail order by adding an extra ingredient: a single ball of mochi ice cream. Skip the fancy liquors and expensive bitters because one sphere will add plenty of flavor to any mixed drink. Play bartender for the night and reinvent your cocktails by placing just one mochi ice cream dessert inside your glass.

Mochi ice cream is an unbelievable treat made of a scoop of premium ice cream blanketed with a layer of soft mochi, which is a sweetened rice dough. The texture is unlike any other scoop of ice cream you will try — in one bite, you will taste the soft, gooey mochi and the thick, velvety ice cream. The unique texture is not the only thing that makes the treat extraordinary — the flavors are what set it apart and make it the perfect ingredient for a boozy cocktail. The creator MyMo Mochi ice cream has seven fantastic flavors that you can try: vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip, sweet mango, ripe strawberry, cookies and cream, green tea and double chocolate. You should try out all the different flavors of mochi ice cream when you are making cocktails — each type can transform a drink as long as you pair them with the right alcohols.

If you’re anxious to start dropping mochi ice cream into cocktails in the hopes that it will taste good, just think ahead about the flavor pairings. Vanilla is a clean and light flavor that can balance powerful ingredients — it would be an excellent choice for a drink with tart or bitter liquors. Chocolate is smooth and sweet and will mix well with creamy cocktails filled with coffee and hazelnut liquors. Mango is a fruity and tropical flavor that will be a great partner for strong summery drinks like Tequila Sunrises, margaritas and traditional Palomas.

You don’t have to simply experiment with cocktails, you can also pair mochi ice cream with wine along with various types of beer and cider. When it comes to classic wine and ice cream pairings, you need to be careful not to have an overpowering wine — this will make the taste of the frozen dessert disappear completely. When pairing your beer with ice cream, you will want to make sure it’s a good quality beer that has undertones of other flavors like fruit and spices.

Flavors Examples of Cocktail/Wine/Beer Pairings:
Chocolate Espresso Martini, Brachetto d’Acqui, Belgian Ale
Vanilla Limoncello Cocktail, Prosecco, Peach Lambic
Mint Chocolate Chip Grasshopper Cocktail, Shiraz, Coffee Porter
Mango Tequila Sunrise, Riesling, Mango Ale
Strawberry Champagne Cocktail, Zinfandel, Hefeweizen
Cookies and Cream Irish Coffee, Cabernet Sauvignon, Stout
Green Tea Jasmine Collins, Viognier, Honey Ale

Buy different boxes of MyMo Mochi ice cream and stock up your bar, so that you can find the right pairing for your favorite boozy beverage. Whether you choose a cocktail mix, a glass of wine or a pint of beer as your drink, know that a single sphere of cool mochi ice cream will make it delicious until the very last drop.