How Hackers Can Quickly Access Your Passwords

How Hackers Can Quickly Access Your Passwords


If you think your passwords are safe, you would be sorely mistaken. Cybercrime is a billion-dollar industry because cyber criminals know exactly how to hack your passwords and steal your data.

Year after year, password theft goes up. Hacking a password is not as difficult as you think. You have to keep in mind, this is their livelihood–it’s how they put food on their tables and the newest shoes on their kids’ feet.

All they need is the password to your bank account, which they can easily get.

Forget Passwords

What if you could just stop the madness and forget all your passwords? According to, you can get a password keeper chrome to help you automatically login to any site without any fuss. You can also update your passwords, or share them securely at any time.

A hacker can watch what you type, as well. So, if you’re not typing passwords, then they can’t log your keystrokes. Now, they have to figure out how you have outmaneuvered them. And, it can keep you much safer than typing various logins each day.

Phishing Links

We’re all curious by nature. We like to click on intriguing links. Don’t feel bad, we’ve all done it. Still, you must be careful where you click. Phishing links are designed to look completely legitimate.

You click on a phishing link and are log onto a site that looks exactly like the one you were going to visit. It then asks you to log in. That duplicate site will send the usernames and passwords right to the hacker’s inbox.

This is why multiple logins should be a thing of the past.

Key Logger Attack

You get an email that asks you to click on a link. Then, you get malicious JavaScript injected into your browser. Now, everything you type is being recorded. In the past, they used fake e-greeting cards.

Today, their techniques are much more sophisticated.

They learn details of your life

Hackers can read through your Twitter and Instagram accounts to learn more about you. Even if your Facebook account is mostly private, they can read your profile. Say you work for IBM and you drive a Lexus. A hacker will Google the terms to come up with something like “BigIronLexus11.”

Seems like it would defeat hackers, right? Not if they got to know you through your social media accounts. It would take them minutes to uncover your password. Even an amateur could do it.

This is why it is critical to limit personal details on public social media accounts. Yet, in an age where many people are oversharing, it can be hard for some not to post a picture of their new car or the latest award they got at work or their current vacation photos.

We all want to seem like we’re transparent and enjoying life. Those who share less are seen as “reserved.” Well, you might become more reserved the minute you get hacked.

In Conclusion

It isn’t rocket science to hack passwords. Now that you are aware, you might consider a more secure option.