Have You Tried This Solution for Your Acne Scars?

Have You Tried This Solution for Your Acne Scars?

Having acne is bad enough. Dealing with permanent scars is an awful perk of the chronic skin problem.

You’ve tried to get rid of these scars, but nothing seems to work. You’ve tried retinol creams, vitamin C serums, scar sheets, daily peels and more, without much success. The evidence of your worst breakouts remains. The only practical solution that you can come up with is covering it with layers of clothing or makeup.

One solution you probably haven’t tried that can get rid of your acne scars is out there. You should go to a laser skin clinic.

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Reputable laser skin clinics offer several services for people that want to reduce the appearance of highly-visible conditions like hyperpigmentation and scarring. People tend to turn to this option as a hopeful solution after trying over-the-counter creams, prescription medications and home remedies.

If you’re considering laser skin treatment, you should ask the clinic what lasers they intend to use. Certain types are better suited for scar healing, redness reduction and overall skin clearing.

The Smooth Beam Laser

The Smooth Beam Laser is a dermatologist-recommend option for getting rid of specific types of acne scars like ice pick, rolling and boxcar scars. This laser increases collagen production, which forces the scar tissue to rise. It will eventually come up to the skin’s surface, looking smoother and healthier than before.

Type of Scar Definition
Ice Pick Deep, narrow, pitted scars.
Boxcar Wide, round, crater-like scars.
Rolling Uneven, shallow, wave-like scars.

The V-Beam Laser

Experts recommend the VBeam Laser for treating the embarrassing symptom of long-lasting redness that can follow after breakouts. The redness comes from inflamed and broken groups of blood vessels. The laser heats the vessels to encourage coagulation so that they close and shrink down until they’re absorbed. When these vessel groupings disappear, the redness dissipates and leaves a clearer skin tone in its wake.

Don’t Make More Scars

If you’re still dealing with acne breakouts, you need to be careful about making more scars. People often get acne scars after they squeeze or pick at their pimples — the physical intervention sends debris into the skin and disrupts the healing process. Think of it like the chickenpox. When you scratch the spots, you extend your suffering and raise your chances of life-long scars.

So, when you see an enormous pimple growing on your forehead, you need to fight the urge to poke at it. Leave it alone. If it bursts on its own, clean the area and apply a hydrocortisone cream onto it to reduce inflammation. Don’t peel off the scab forming over the top — this means that it’s healing.

Fighting Off Future Flare-Ups

Laser treatment can do more than heal your acne scars. The treatment can prevent flare-ups and scars in the future, too. The gentle light pulses reduce inflammation, encourage collagen production and discourage the overproduction of sebum. After years of using creams, scrubs and medications without much change, this could be the method that really tackles your acne.

New-Age Anti-Aging Products to Make Your Feel Younger

New-Age Anti-Aging Products to Make Your Feel Younger

If you are interested in keeping your skin healthy and looking younger, then it is likely that you will have heard of Jeunesse. The company is a global leader in skin care and health products, developing topical creams, supplements, and health drinks. Jeunesse has a presence all over the world, ensuring nobody should have to be denied the opportunity to look and feel their best.

All of the Jeunesse products are backed by significant scientific evidence. In fact, they are endorsed by a variety of highly renowned physicians, including plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Jeunesse feels this is because their products are based on the power of Mother Nature, and because they focus on stem cells to help improve the body inside and out. Indeed, their cutting-edge DNA science is what sets their products apart, and why they have been so successful in helping to restore damaged skin.

How Can You Buy Jeunesse Products?

Because Jeunesse has set itself the goal of being available to everybody, all over the world, they have attracted a number of distributors in a huge variety of countries. People can purchase through these distributors (and become distributors themselves), or they can purchase directly from the Jeunesse website if it has a presence in their country. The website is very easy to use, having been divided into various product categories so that it is very easy to find the exact product you may want.

One of the most interesting parts of Jeunesse is that they believe in innovation and are hence constantly researching new products and ingredients to further improve their line. They have a strong focus on stem cell and DNA research, but also on antioxidant blends. Put together, they aim to help people repair and regenerate their cells, while at the same time offering protection from toxins and chemicals.

Jeunesse believes in openness and transparency, which is why full details are made available about all of their products. Furthermore, they explain exactly how each product should be used, and they also have an extensive FAQ section available should a question not be covered by the ingredient or usage list. The FAQ section also holds details on whether people with certain medical conditions or allergies can use the product.

Customer Service Is Key

Jeunesse is so confident about the products that they offer, that they have a 30 day money back guarantee in place. This is available whether people purchase directly from the website, or whether they are distributors and want to use products themselves. Distributors can set their own money back policy for their customers, meanwhile, although the minimum they must offer is 10 days.

Anyone who wants to look and feel younger, or who wants to improve their overall healthy – inside and out – should consider the Jeunesse line of products. They have left no stone unturned, and whatever your personal health issue is in relation to age, you are guaranteed to find a product in their line that helps you to resolve it.