Best Smartphone Apps For Learning a New Language

Best Smartphone Apps For Learning a New Language

Language learning has never been easier than it is right now thanks to a wide variety of smartphone applications which can help you master a new language. The beauty of using smartphones to aid you in your pursuit of language learning is that you can use them when you are at home, on the bus, on a break at work or even as you are traveling and if you want to learn, perfect or practice a new language, then doing so on your smartphone is the way to go.

There are many apps out there which promise to help you learn a new language and we have rounded up some of the best of them for you to try.


HelloTalk is a language learning app with a difference in that instead of giving you lessons or tips on how to better speak, it directly connects you with millions of people throughout the world and allows you to teach each other how to speak the language better. The app is not just about learning a new language but meeting new people and there is a whole host of features which allow yo to correct each other, help one another to improve speaking skills and you can earn points and credits along the way.


For those looking to learn how to speak Spanish, this is without question the best application on the market. The app features an extensive dictionary, daily word challenges, grammar testa and lessons as well as a translator for long sentences. This is a must have accessory if you are wishing to learn Spanish or travel to a Spanish-speaking country.


DuoLingo is a novel language-learning application which takes you from beginner to professional in just a short time. Each time you complete a test or a challenge you will earn currency to be used in the app in order to unlock the next level. DuoLingo aims to teach you languages in a fun, game-style way which can help you to better learn and encourage you to use the application more often.


As far as vocabulary builders go, they do not get much better than Memrise and if you already understand the core basics of a particular language, you could ramp up your knowledge in no time with this handy app. The application teaches words in a mixed translation way so that you can better remember the words, it will give you challenges and allow you to understand all definitions of various words. The application also offers  wide range of languages to learn from Chinese to Arabic, French to Russian.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone have a great reputation for their online lessons and their application is just as good. Considered as a travel companion rather than a teaching apps, this smartphone application offers extensive dictionaries and translation tools in a wide variety of languages, perfect if you are traveling somewhere where you cannot speak the language.

There is no longer a need to carry around phrase books and dictionaries with you, these language apps are all that you need to help you out on the road and to better learn a language.