A Box of Tools and Tricks Every Photographer Should Carry with Them

A Box of Tools and Tricks Every Photographer Should Carry with Them

Still life photography is a preferred form of photography for amateurs and professionals alike. Charles Nucci, a globally renowned professional, has in fact been able to turn it into a career. He is keen, however, to tell people that anyone is able to enjoy this form of photography, even if they do not have a lot of expensive equipment. He believes that it is a form of art that is more related to a state of mind than to the possession of lots of tools. That being said, he has a special box of tricks that he carries with him wherever he is, and he recommends anyone who would like to take fantastic still life shots should do the same.

What Is Still Life Photography?

This form of photography is one that requires a great deal of control, which is why Nucci feels it is more a state of mind. Being able to choose a subject is hard enough, but then the lighting, background, camera angle, and lens also have to be chosen. The only way the composition of this type of photography is changed, is when the object is moved. This is why many compare it to painting pictures rather than shooting them.

Indeed, it is by far the most artistic form of photography, and one in which you can let your imagination and creativity run wild. You can cut, hang, paste, stuff, clean, and more, all for the benefit of that perfect shot. This is why Nucci feels a simple bag of tricks should be on the still life photographer at all times.

Tools and Equipment to Carry Along

You can always pick out a still life photographer from a different form of photographer because they carry around a box. Usually, this is a tool box, which is easy to carry but can hold a lot of things in an organized fashion. Charles Nucci feels the following items should be included as standard within that box:

  1. Surgical gloves, allowing you to pick your subject up without fingerprinting it.
  2. Tweezers, which can remove fluff, hair, and other such tiny things.
  3. A few cans of spray paint in different colors, for the backgrounds.
  4. Sharp scissors.
  5. Sharpies in a variety of colors to hide imperfections like scratches.
  6. Blue-Tack to ensure things don’t move.
  7. Makeup brushes to remove dust and crumbs.
  8. Paper towels to help clean up.
  9. Rods and rope to hang things on.
  10. A water spray to create the effect of condensation on glass and plants.
  11. Gaffa tape, which can be used for a variety of things.

Another thing that Nucci feels should be inside a box of tricks, albeit not something that can be touched, is patience. Most still life photographers fail hundreds of times at taking the picture they envision in their mind. If you cannot cope with the disappointment of that, then this type of photography is not for you.