Checklist For A Great Summer Road Trip

Checklist For A Great Summer Road Trip


With summer upon us and the kids soon out of school, you might be wondering just what to do with them all summer long. It can be a daunting prospect of having them home all day, so why not consider taking a family vacation somewhere fun! Even if you can’t afford to jet off to a far flung locale for a beach escape, there are plenty of things you can do in and around your local area, such as going on road trips of varying durations. Road trips are a great way to spend some time with the family for a whole variety of reasons. But how can you get ready for a great road trip that the kids will be talking about for years? Here is a quick checklist you can use before any road trip to make sure it’s full of fun and enjoyable memories you will cherish forever.

Check Your Vehicle

Making sure your vehicle is ready to hit the road for a lengthy drive is one of the first things you should do before any road trip. After all, being stuck on the side of a motorway with cranky children is not anyone’s ideal plan when it comes to crafting great family memories. Visit your nearest Ford dealership to get your car looked at and serviced to make sure it’s running in top condition, and replace any potential problems that may need attention.

Buy Road Worthy Snacks

Snacks are a great way to keep the kids (and you!) happy on the road. It can be long stretches between stops and those roadside services can sometimes jack the prices up a bit, making it a costly adventure to buy a snack or two enroute. Stocking up on lots of healthy snacks will keep your  mind at ease as well, knowing that your kids are still getting essential vitamins and minerals even when on the road.

Pick A Great Route

Routes around the country can vary and you should pick a great route that fits well with your schedule as well as the interests of both you and the family. Perhaps going on a road trip to visit a relative in another county could be a great option for a summer road trip, or maybe you’ve always wanted to check out that one great location in the country but haven’t gotten there yet. Road trips to popular places include Cornwall, the Lake District, the Peak District and the Isle of Skye.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is always a great attitude to have on any family vacation and results in a lot of fun had by all. Being flexible includes being okay with stopping off for lunch, stopping to take pictures, maybe taking a small detour to check out a cool attraction or lookout point and of course, being okay with changing plans slightly on the fly if something happens like an attraction is closed. Being flexible will help everyone stay relaxed and enjoy the experience.

So if you’ve been wondering what to do with the kids this summer and you want to entertain the option of a road trip, hopefully this article has helped give you a bit of a starting point on how best to get road ready for this year’s great family getaway.

Awesome movies due to drop in the second half of 2017

Awesome movies due to drop in the second half of 2017

Life can be so fast-paced these days. Whether we have jobs that keep us insanely busy, a schedule jam-packed with college classes, or if we are constantly shuttling the kids from piano to soccer, it seems we are in constant motion at all times.

It’s time we took time to slow down and smell the roses. Or, in this case, to eat buttery popcorn while enveloping ourselves in a fantasy world for two hours.

In the latter half of 2017, there are many movies set to hit the big screen, so take some time later this year to escape your everyday cares.

Larry Polhill would agree with this plan, as watching cinema is one of his biggest passions. By day, he is a busy investor and chief executive, but when he finds some free time in his schedule, he often spends it in darkened screening rooms watching the best movies Hollywood has to offer.

If you are as passionate about film as he is, the latter months of 2017 has plenty of releases worth seeing on the bog screen.

Let’s run down three of our favorites below.

1) Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The original Kingsman film injected British humor and wit into the action genre that desperately needed it several years ago, giving rise to an eagerly anticipated sequel.

In September, The Golden Circle will debut, putting our young dapper gentlemen in a tricky spot that may threaten the very existence of their organization.

In this movie, they run into Poppy, the leader of a criminal syndicate bent on eliminating the only group standing in the way of his plans.

After suffering a significant blow, the Kingsman head to America, where they will join forces with the Statesman, a spy group sharing their aims.

Featuring the cinematography and British humor that made the original film famous, opening night can’t come soon enough.

2) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Can’t wait for fall? This month will see the release of the latest installment of The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Dead Men Tell No Tales brings Captain Jack and his crew back for another rollicking adventure as he hunts for the Trident of Poseidon, which is necessary to break the curse enslaving Will Turner on the Flying Dutchman since the events of At World’s End.

With plenty of amazing storytelling and big budget effects, watching this movie is a great way to spend a summer evening out on the town.

3) Wonder Woman

After playing a significant supporting role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans of Wonder Women clamored for her to get her own film.

This summer will see those wishes fulfilled, as she will be the main protagonist in a movie that focuses on how this child of a demi-god became the world’s most famous super-heroine.

Initial screenings have been a hit with critics, many of whom have proclaimed it to be one of the summer’s best blockbuster films.

This film will tell the story of how she left the Greek island of Paradise to help fight agents of Greek god Ares, who are portrayed to be behind the start of World War I.