7 Tips to Double the Engagements for Your Videos

7 Tips to Double the Engagements for Your Videos

Every people who browse the net every day usually watch videos and clips. Facebook videos and Youtube videos are those two that gather a lot of audience and can sometimes make the videos go viral. You might have all the ideas how to get viewers, thousands or even millions of them. First thing you have to take note though is that, you don’t want to focus more on how a video can go viral but instead how can you have someone keep coming back and watch more of your videos, that’s engagement over virality. Let me give you 5 tips to double the engagements for your videos and should help you out in getting them to go back and watch more of your videos.

How to Double the Engagements of you Videos

#1. Create an Emotional Connection

The ones watching your videos are people, not robots. You have to make sure that you create that connection that you feel your viewers will get hook into. It always works if you say things or give examples based on your experience because they will have an idea that someone had experienced it, they might have had or they might experience it in the future.

#2. Keep it Interesting

Human being as an average has a minimal attention span which is only around 8 seconds based in the study done in 2015. This being said, if a video gets boring in the first 10 seconds, say goodbye to your viewers. The first few seconds are really important, learning to master the art of video recording is necessary. This should give your viewers an idea what they should expect and should give them a reason why they should stay and continue watching.

#3. The effect of Lighting

How do you feel when you see a dark video that shows nothing less than blurred human figures or other objects? Surely, you will ignore it. That is why most of the photographers use lighting effect while making videos and clicking pictures. Whether you are shooting in daylight or night, lighting effects can add magic to your video. Even if you are using the low quality camera under $500 but with lighting, you can make the video much better and people will enjoy watching your videos. However, do not overuse this effect as well as all other special effects.

#4. Make it Short

As mentioned above, we, human beings only have an 8-second attention span as an average, which means the longer the video is, the lower the retention, the lower the engagement. According to the study made, a video which is under a minute can receive 80% retention from the viewers. On the other hand, 2 – 3 minute-videos can only receive 60% and 50% retention for videos that are 5 to 10 minutes long. This means, the shorter, the better.

#5. Editing and Jump Cuts

Before you finalize your video making concept, add one more thing that is jump cut method. If you have made your video with a number of short clips then using jump cut method will help you to make one cohesive video. This will not just save your time while recording but also you don’t need to learn long scripts. This will also keep the pace of the video moving along quickly and keep the viewers engaged. For jump-cut video, prepare your script beforehand and then break it up into easy and simple lines.

#6. Identify your viewers

Ask yourself, “Who are my focused viewers?” then you would be able to identify what type of videos to create. Usually people watch videos because they want to learn something or for fun and entertainment. Sometimes, people watch videos because they want to see the comparison of the products before buying. They want to know what is best based on the video reviews. If that’s something that you can cater, then go ahead and spread the word what is best for them.

#7. Context’s Content

When uploading videos, consider the visible thumbnail and the video’s description. Also, consider the placement of the video, something the viewers can easily see and will play it. Put everything in context. Don’t just upload it without considering the context. Everything must be in place. This will surely boost your business productivity to the next level.

Just a simple reminder, keep it short and interesting to double the engagements of your videos. We hope these tips of increasing the engagements of your videos will help you out.