Original Cannabis Café: A West Hollywood Based Marijuana Lounge

Original Cannabis Café is a licensed weed restaurant that is based in West Hollywood, California. The restaurant was launched by Andrea Drummer, who is the co-founder and head chef in the business. Original Café applied for a business license from West Hollywood Business License Commission; the application was approved on July 16, 2019, and the marijuana lounge got its trading license. A final decision was made by the commission allowing Original Café to serve as the pioneer weed restaurant in America. The restaurant will be granted a trading license by the California Retail License, which will prove its legal operations in the state. The licensing commission will have the mandate of regulating Original Cannabis Café operations as well as renewing its licenses after one year.

Original Cannabis Café offers fresh weed, coffee, juice, and food; besides, it has a comprehensive menu which has a list of beverages, flower, small edibles, as well as pre-rolls. Andrea Drummer crafted the menu focusing on meeting the needs of every customer who visits the place. Original Cannabis Café has a team that prepares and serves white bean hummus, ice cream sandwiches, fried chicken sandwiches, peanut butter cookies, burrata, and grilled peaches.

Andrea Drummer has focused on campaigning for responsible consumption of weed in the United States. As a prior marijuana advocate, Andrea Drummer has committed to educate the public and grow the restaurant to generate enough cash flow, which will cater to its daily operations. The restaurant will set the standards for other investors who may want to venture and provide similar services. The co-founder has gained extensive knowledge after serving at Wiz Khalifa, Miguel, and Chelsea Handler. She has significantly contributed to the planning, implementing, and launching of Original Cannabis Café.

Andrea Drummer is a renowned writer and marijuana advocate who has written several books. She has featured on several Netflix programs, including Cooking on High as well as Chelsea On. Her extensive knowledge, skills, and experience have resulted in the designing of high-quality non-infused cannabis products that are offered in the restaurant. Andrea contributed to the removal of cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) items from Original Café’s menu. The marijuana lounge has several smoking zones where visitors are served with distinct Lowell Herb Co. strains.

Original Cannabis Café has sourced for a team of flower hosts to provide exemplary services to the visitors. The group welcomes visitors and provides a thorough explanation of the distinct marijuana effects as well as the flavor profile. Andre Drummer has steered the restaurant to offer brilliant services as well as help to fight the stigma resulting from weed consumption. The marijuana lounge has quality bongs as well as dabs systems aimed to improve the customer’s experience. The restaurant receives many customers who enjoy the tableside flower services.

Original Cannabis Café has formed a strategic partnership with Mark and Jonnie Houston, the founding fathers of Houston Hospitality. The restaurant has continued to champion the legalization of marijuana and hopes that the effort will continue to bear fruits. Besides selling cannabis and foodstuffs, Original Cannabis Café has led other stakeholders in advocating for responsible consumption of marijuana and minimizing the resulting stigma. The restaurant has implemented ultra-modern technologies that ensure minimal pollution of air from smoking weed.

The marijuana lounge has complied with environmental regulations through filing air filtration as well as purification proposals. It has adopted and implemented the systems and technologies found in hospitals, renowned hotels, and chemical labs. Besides, the restaurant has other precaution systems, which include air purification and odor-absorbing landscapes. After receiving various concerns on the consumption of weed, Original Cannabis Café has implemented safe approaches to ensure respectful and responsible uses of marijuana.