What Makes a Great Hotel?

I recently worked out that in the past 2 years alone, I have spent more time in hotel beds than I have in my own. I travel regularly for business and depending on how much cash is in the budget, the quality my hotels varies greatly and sometimes I am in a small and compact Bangkok budget hotel other times I am in grand resorts like the amazing Bicycle Casino hotel in California. I have had a range of experiences in these hotels and I feel that I am best placed to talk about what it is that makes a hotel great. I you are a hotel owner, here are things that you need to be doing.


I am stunned when I receive bad service in a hotel and to be honest, I feel as though it is the easiest thing to get right. When I am staying in your hotel I want to feel welcome, I want to feel looked after and I want to know that I have people on hand to help me with just about anything. Bad service really can turn a hotel stay into a nightmare.


Another basic that few hotels seem to get right is cleanliness, especially when it comes to the bedding. Even if you are a budget hotel, this is not to say that you can get away with dirty rooms just because someone is paying less. It is not just the budget hotels either, some of the big chains that I have stayed in have been terrible for cleanliness and it really turns me off using them. 


I like to be made to feel special when I am staying in a hotel and this can easily be done with some small extras that make a big difference. Last year I stayed in a budget hotel in Shanghai, they picked me up at the airport, there was a small welcome basket of fruit in my room and the service was exceptional. Because of this treatment, I fell in love with the hotel instantly and I was blind thereafter to any shortcomings which the hotel may have had. Add some personalized touches for your guests and you can give them a far better stay.


You would be surprised at how many hotels there are in the world who have never given a second thought to the interior decoration of their hotel. I understand that this often comes at a large cost but having 80s-style wallpaper and light fittings do not get guests going. You may have to pay out to have a redecoration job done, but this is not to say that it is not worthwhile. If your hotel looks old and tired, you will be losing money because of the lack of clients you have, for this reason it is worth investing in some new decorations.

The key to hotel success is simplicity, treat your guests well and give them somewhere beautiful to stay, do this and you won’t have any issues.