Study Hacks to Help you Pass any Exam

Studying is something that not very many of us enjoy but it is a necessary evil when it comes to passing exams. In turn, exams are vitally important for our education and in order to further progress our career or our job possibilities, exam results make a huge difference.

The problem is that sitting and reading from a book can be incredibly boring and whilst it is necessary to do, there are some different methods which you could adopt to ensure that your studying is easier and more successful. Let’s take a look at some study hacks which you can use to pass that exam.


Breaking up your studies is vitally important in terms of your brain best absorbing information and one of the best ways to do this is through an incentive plan. For example, let’s say that for every 2 hours studying, you can spend ten minutes on social media, or eat a snack, or play a game on your phone for ten minutes. Not only will this help to break up your studies, but it will also give you a reason to keep going, as well as reason to stop.

Switch It Up

Many reports have shown that if you study in the same place each time, you are going to be far less able to absorb the information which you are reading. For this reason you need to ensure that you are alternating the place where you study. A great idea is to study outside as often as you can, the air and the tranquil setting can really boost how much information you take in.

Tech for Travel

Now that we have that ability to carry our studies around with us on our smartphones, we can study whilst traveling with ease. A great tip for this is to download a flashcard app and spend some time filling each card out with info. Then all you need to do is whip your phone out the next time you are on the bus or the train, and study away. Flashcards are great because they break information down into small, manageable chunks and your brain can process the information much easier.


Listening to classical music as you study has been proven to alert brain receptors, the same receptors which process information. For this reason, listening to some Dvorak or Beethoven as you crunch through your study books can give you a great deal of help. Studying in silence can be boring yet music with lyrics can be confusing, the best way to break the silence and avoid the lyrics is to blast out some classical as you work.


Don’t underestimate how powerful sleeping is when it comes to studying, those who want a badge of honor for pulling an all-nighter may have studied longer, but the lack of sleep is likely to have made them forget more than they learned. Sleep well in order to study to the best of your ability.

Few of us enjoy studying but if you follow these hacks, you can make it much easier on yourself.